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How to Take Better Care of Your Pool Tables

pool table How to Take Better Care of Your Pool TablesTo improve maintenance, it is critical that you find out what types of elements could potentially damage your pool tables. Knowing more about these elements will help you avoid or control them so they won’t inflict damage to your tables.

Sitting on your pool tables

According to an expert, Roberts of Escalade Sports, “The no.1 sin for a pool table owner is to sit on it.” Despite knowing this, however, there are lots of individuals who still do it, thinking their billiard table is sturdy enough to support their weight.

There are various reasons why this is the number one sin. Among the top reasons, is the fact that sitting on the pool tables can cause your rubber rail pads to become loose and pop off when you do it more than once. Ordinarily, these pads are glued to the rails just tightly enough to handle the average weight. More than that and they will easily snap off.

Another reason is that frequent sitting and even knocking or shaking, can result in pressing your table’s pin into the lodging until the table eventually starts to wobble. This could make your table weaker and, thus, it could be easily knocked off balance. Keep in mind that the stronger the foundation and legs of your billiard table, the longer it will serve you. So try not to sit on it or bump it frequently. Also, it helps if you place it in a wide and spacious room allowing you and your guests plenty of room to maneuver without knocking the table.

Pets and everything they could bring to your pool tables

Your pet’s eliminations are not only an eye sore; they also have a very foul smell that sometimes lingers on your furniture and curtains. Plus, they leave a stain that is difficult to remove and oftentimes, damages furniture. Aside from their eliminations, pets are also playful and curious. They love to jump up and you do not want animals jumping on your pool table! This is why you will need to keep your pets away from your tables. It would probably be best if you keep your game room off limits to your pets

Taking care of your billiard table is important if you want to preserve the life of your furniture. Repairs could become costly if you fail to do so.

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How Chalk Dust and The Sun Can Harm Your Billiards Table

Billiards How Chalk Dust and The Sun Can Harm Your Billiards TableLots of things can harm and damage your billiards table; two of them are chalk dust and the sun. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent the damage caused by these elements. It is important that you learn about how you can control and manage sunlight and chalk dust, not only to limit their negative effects to the table but also to allow you to use your table freely without the concern for damage.

Chalk dust and your billiards table

Your table will often be exposed to chalk dust since the chalk is required in every type of pool and billiards game. When a player uses chalk on his billiard stick, the chalk dust flies toward the table and penetrates the felt. The more often the billiard stick with chalk dust is used, the more dust is transferred onto the table and into the felt.

Basically, the chalk dust makes the table rough. The dust grates into the table’s felt or any other fabric used. Once inside, it starts to weaken and damage the material.

To ensure no amount of dust settles and accumulates on your table’s cloth covering, here are some things you may want to consider doing:

  • Brush the table as often as possible, preferably after every game. Use a soft bristled brush so as not to damage the cloth material. Rather than brushing in circles, brush toward the pockets from one end to the next.
  • Use a small vacuum to suck the accumulated dust on top of the table as well as those that have penetrated the cloth. Make sure you use a low-fueled vacuum as regular vacuums may tend to lift and stretch the table’s fabric. Do not use the vacuum’s brush connection as it will harm the felt filaments.

Sunlight and your billiards table

Overexposure to sunlight results in fading table finishes and felt coverings. In some instances, being under direct sunlight for longer hours may also bleach the table finish. To protect your table from too much sun exposure, you may want to consider placing it in a room without huge windows. If this is not possible, use window films to filter the sunlight coming in from the window.

Another way that sunlight damages your pool table is when it dries the table’s natural dampness. Insufficient natural dampness on the table or humidity in the room may cause the wood to easily split. To avoid this from happening, you want to regularly measure the dampness and moisture inside your game room. Maintain sufficient ventilation in the room to reduce the heat from the direct sunlight.

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Does Your Billiards Table Cushion Need Replacing?

Billiards1 Does Your Billiards Table Cushion Need Replacing?One of the most abused parts of your billiards table is its cushion. If you bought a high quality table, then you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the cushion for a long time. On the other hand, if you’ve bought a substandard table, you may need to keep a look out on the signs to ensure you replace the cushion before it can cause severe damage to the table.

Signs that you need to replace your billiards table cushion

The cushions are almost always replaced along with your table’s rails. So the first sign that these need replacing is when you notice a change in game play. If you use the table frequently, it will be easy for you to notice changes when playing a game on the table. These changes may include changes in the way billiard balls roll and bounce off the table and other things that may seem off to you.

If you hear a deep thudding noise when the balls roll or bounce on the cushion, this means your rails are already worn out and you would have to replace them at once, along with the performance rails. You may need to replace all six cushions as the rails often wore out at the same time.

Another great way to ensure that you need to replace your cushions is to do a resiliency test.

What is the billiards table resiliency test?

The resiliency test is an effective way for you to ensure that your cushions really need changing. To do this test, you need to roll a ball on the table rails. Normally, the pool ball will bounce against the rails at least 3-4 times before stopping. You will know that you need to change your cushions and your rails if the ball bounces less than the average rate which is 3-4 times.

Replacing your cushions

No one can tell if the cushions and rails installed in a pool table are of the highest quality. Nor can anyone tell if a pool table manufacturer short changed them by using cheaper rails and selling the tables as expensively as high quality tables. One can only assume this is the case if the need to replace table cushions and rails comes rather early.

On the other hand, the truth is that pool table owners would really have to replace their cushions and rails at some point after buying and playing on their billiards table. This should be part of your maintenance responsibilities.

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Replace Your Billiards Table Cushions In 60 Minutes

Billiards Replace Your Billiards Table Cushions In 60 MinutesAmong the parts of your billiards table, the cushions or the railings are the first ones to get worn out. Replacing the cushions is very basic and easy that you can do it on by yourself even without proper training and previous experience.

Here are the tools and materials you need to replace your pool table cushions:

  • Staple gun
  • Glue
  • Straight edge
  • Sharp knife
  • New rails or cushions

If these are not already available in your home, they are available in most local home depots and hardware stores. Of course, you will need to buy a new of set rails from your pool table manufacturer. However, you can also buy from a distributor. Remember to seek advice from a professional regarding the best and most reliable type of rail before your purchase anything.

Replacing Billiards Table Rails

To replace your table rails, follow these easy and simple steps.

1. Remove the Rails and Felt
The old and worn out rails can be removed by unscrewing from the table. Use your knife to cut through the rail and remove the feather strip. The feather strip is what keeps the felt folded. To remove the felt, you will have to remove the feather strip. Use pliers to remove the staples that attach the felt on the table.

2. Remove Facing
You will need to remove the old rubber railing as well before installing the new ones. To do this, you will have to remove facing, which is the end cap of the rubber rails. Make sure there are no glue and rubber elements left when you remove the rubber railing. You may want to use a scrapper to ensure it will be clean and smooth.

3. Add Adhesive
Add a generous of adhesive or glue to the new rail and the cushion. Let it air dry for several minutes before putting together. You’ll know they’re ready when the glue becomes tacky.

4. Align New Rails
This is a critical step because the rails need to be properly aligned for you to effectively use your billiards table. Improper alignment may negatively impact the result of the games that you will play on the table. To ensure the new rails are properly aligned, use your hand to guide where the rail should be placed. Use the straight edge to mark the ends of cushion and the knife to cut off the excess rails.

5. Add the Felt
Add the felt to the table and tuck it in the new railing using a feather strip. You may want to knock on the strip using a hammer to make sure it is tightly in place. It’s alright if the feather strip is slightly higher than the rail, just be sure that it is tight. Go along the railing while pulling the felt tightly for a snug fit. Use your staple gun to hold the felt in place.

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What Is The Proper Playing Surface For Pool Tables?

Pool Tables What Is The Proper Playing Surface For Pool Tables?When shopping for pool tables, among the questions that you need to ask should be to know what type of playing surface it has. According to the Billiard Congress of America Equipment Specifications, the most appropriate playing surface should be able to maintain flatness and should not deflect too much. The bed should have a billiard fabric covering made of wool to avoid unnecessary rolling off of the balls. They recommend three pieces of slate that is at least 1 inch thick for tournament sized tables and one-piece slate for home tables.

What is a slate in pool tables?

A slate is a morphed sedimentary rock similar to shale. Because of this, it is often called a metamorphic rock. Its original form as a sedimentary rock morphs into a slate when heat and pressure is gradually applied. The morphing process is a slow one to ensure the right change is made.

Because of the morphing process, the slate now has low water absorption index and, thus, is now resistant to damage from frosting. This is why slates are also used to make tombstones, roof tiles, chalkboards, and pool table playing surface.

There is a wide range of slate resources as it is mined in many cities including Wales, France, Virginia, Vermont, and New York.

What makes slate an exceptional playing surface for pool tables?

According to experts, aside from being highly resistant to frost damage, slate is considered the best choice for a pool table playing surface because of its stability.

You can cut slate into thin sheets or turn it into grains, making it an ideal and affordable choice for a high precision playing surface. Another surface to consider is granite. It has the same qualities, plus more but it is greatly expensive as compared to slate. The primary reason for this is because granite is hard and difficult to cut. Hence, it is expensive to cut and finish unlike slate.

It is important that you know every part of your billiard table. Inquire about each part – from where they are made and why such raw products were chosen – to ensure that you buy the right and most suitable billiard table for your needs without spending more than what you have allotted for this expense.

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