Billiard Myrtle BeachIf you’re looking for a fun game you can play with the whole family, then look no farther than the wonderful world of billiard games. It has a history that dates back to 15th century France and the different styles of the game area as diverse as the regions they come from. There are even several variations of the British, American, Australian, and French styles of billiards. Basically, there are several different types of billiard games and one of the more common ones is the game called Eight Ball. The divisions most often seen in the game of billiards would be Carom billiards, which has no pockets, the game of pool, which has six pockets, and Snooker, which is pretty different than both of the afore mentioned games.

All sorts of art and literature through the ages have mentioned the game of billiards. If you know your Shakespeare, then you know that it was a game for royalty. Many great philosophers and kings enjoyed the game as well. Clearly it was thought of as a very intelligent game.

The Basics Of Billiard Games

All billiard games utilize a pool table for play. However, there are many kinds of pool tables and different billiard games will require different pool tables. A standard pool table is twice the length of its width and are a rectangular shape. Pool tables can be 7, 8, or 9 feet long, and in rare cases, a ten-foot table can be found, although these are most likely antique. If you come across one in great condition or one that has been restored to its former glory, they would make any game room look fabulous! The material on top of the pool table feels and looks like felt, but it is most often a wool blend.

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Here’s something to impress your friends—did you know there is a company that manufactures the cloth on top of pool tables that has been in business since the 1400’s? It’s true! These experts know a thing or two about their craft. There are fast play and slow play cloth covers, depending on the amount of friction the ball will have against the cloth. Obviously, balls roll faster and farther with fast play cloth material, and the opposite for slow play. Competitive pool or billiard games always use a cloth made from 100% wool. Most of the time, the cloth is green, although it can be found in other colors like blue or red.

No matter how you slice it, the game of pool, billiard games, or Snookers are all one of the longest standing games of our time! They have been played through the ages, have crossed many cultural boundaries, and have made their way to modern day as one of the most fun family games around. If you’ve always wanted to buy a pool table but don’t know where to start, let Elko Spas, Pools & Billiards help you with all you need to know! Come visit us and see our show room. We have everything you need, including the know-how, to get you playing one of the world’s most well loved games!

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