Myrtle Beach pool suppliesMyrtle Beach Pool Supplies usually include an entire range of chemicals and equipment for swimming pools. A few of these are

  • pool sweeps
  • filter grids and cartridges
  • saltwater chlorinators
  • filter grids and cartridges
  • swimming pool pumps and motors
  • pump/filter combinations (skid packs for above-ground swimming pools)
  • pool filters
  • pool heaters
  • timers and controls (electronic controls, pool timers, freeze guards)
  • lights
  • valves and plumbing
  • parts (cleaners, pumps, filters, heaters)
  • along with swimming pool covers and chemicals needed for safe swimming

Slides, diving boards, ladders, liners, and other devices also form a part of swimming pools.

The initial step toward a clean pool is pool water care. For this, a common oxidizer/sanitizer, like chlorine, is utilized to burn up organic product in the water, which considerably lowers the load on the filter. Care has to be taken to preserve the pH balance and perfect total alkalinity level, along with to check calcium hardness and stability. It likewise makes good sense to purchase a pump that is sized appropriately and that will not lose energy. A good pump ought to have the ability to pump the whole capacity of the pool in eight hours. An automatic pool cleaner is a needed high-end that saves time. Come to Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools and ask our experienced staff what pool supplies are right for your pool. They have a large range of pool equipment and cleaners; pool supplies and likewise offer the suggestions needed to pick the best items for the swimming pool.

Pool filters are available in 3 varieties: Sand, D.E., and Cartridge. These days, pool heaters offer sophisticated designs that are a lot more dependable, energy effective, and long lasting, besides having a number of functions. There are swimming pool heaters that are even equipped with integrated pool timers and freeze protectors.

Among the offered pool cover products are solar blankets, solar reels, domes, safety covers, and winter season covers. These days, hot pods (a kind of floating day spa), slime bags (to clean filthy or cloudy water), and devices that are suggested for animals are likewise available. Note: Some pool supplies may need to be ordered so be sure and check with us as soon as you open your pool.

Call or stop by our showroom for all your Myrtle Beach pool supply needs.

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