swimming pool myrtle beachWe are in prime hurricane season. If you have a swimming pool you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare. Here are some tips to help you be ready for any storm.

  1. Do Not Empty Your Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool

Often the first response is to drain the swimming pool – don’t. Water in the swimming pool provides weight to keep the swimming pool anchored in the ground. When you leave your swimming pool empty it can come out of the ground or simply float up due to pressure build up from ground water caused by the storm.

  1. Shut off Power

The breaker at the main electrical panel ought to be switched off. Pump motors, chlorinators, lighting, and heating units need to not operate in the storm.

  1. Protect Electric Swimming Pool Equipment

Wrap the pump motor, light transformers, time clock, and electrical heating units with waterproof plastic. Make sure to tie firmly in place to avoid sand and water from getting in. If flooding is anticipated, disconnect these devices and store them in a dry location.

  1. Remove any loose items around the pool

Chairs, tables, toys, pool tools or other loose items can become harmful projectiles in high winds. It’s best to keep them inside away from storm. Try to avoid tossing furniture into swimming pool, unless it is a last option. If so, carefully place items in swimming pool Myrtle Beach to prevent damage and staining.

  1. Add Extra Chlorine to the Pool

To avoid contamination from debris and extreme storm water, add a granular shock, ideally Power Powder Plus or Chlor Brite. Stop by our store this week before the storm and pick up extra chlorine.

  1. Do Not Cover Swimming pool

Storms can trigger falling branches and other particles that can harm pool covers. It’s easier to get rid of debris from the pool than it is to replace a cover.

  1. Secure Screen Enclosure if you have one

If your pool is enclosed with screen housing, be sure there is a vent for the wind to flow through to help avoid damage to the pool and enclosure. If you have panels on each end of the enclosure, it would be a good idea to remove them.

Elkos Spas Billiards and Pools is here to help you prepare for a storm. Stop by or call our storm to see what you need to do to prepare your in-ground or above-ground pool in the event that Matthew comes close to shore.

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