swimming pool chemicals Myrtle BeachThe key to successful pool maintenance is commitment and consistency. The actual maintenance tasks are fairly easy provided you have the right tools and equipment. They are pretty easy to learn and do with professional assistance. Despite this, however, it is still helps if you are in contact with a pool expert like Elko Spas Billiards & Pools to ensure that you have professional assistance when accidents happen or if you think you did something wrong.

Why should you commit to regular pool maintenance?

Maintaining your swimming pool on a regular basis will help you prevent pool problems that can become repetitive and costly in the long run. Plus, it will also help extend the lifespan of your swimming pool, its features and the other parts of its system such as the pumps and vacuum cleaner. More importantly, you and the rest of the family can enjoy summer with crystal clear water.

If you are having difficulties committing to a maintenance schedule for your swimming pool, here is an easy-to-follow schedule that you can check out.

Do the following twice in one week:

  • Check pH levels using test strips that are available in many local swimming pool supplies store. The pH level of your swimming pool should be between 7.4 and 7.6. If the results returned a different reading, adjust the chemistry of your pool water using appropriate chemicals. If you do not know how to do this, seek professional assistance from experts.
  • Add chlorine to the pool water to maintain the concentration of useable chlorine in the swimming pool at approximately three parts per million. Professionals highly recommend testing the chlorine level in the swimming pool first prior to adding more chemical.
  • Clean the tile at the waterline level using a pool surface cleaner. Or if you do not have the time, invest on automatic pool cleaners which do not only vacuum the bottom of your swimming pool but also scrub to clean the walls and tiles at the waterline level.
  • Empty skimmer baskets to prevent clogging and putting a strain in your pump system. Professionals suggest doing this more frequently if you run your pump system 24 hours in a day and when the swimming pool is being used frequently.

Do these at least once a week:

  • Apply minimum amount of shock to your swimming pool water. Note, however, that the amount of shock to be added will depend on the size of your swimming pool and the approximate amount of pool water. Pool maintenance experts suggest increasing the amount of shock to add to your swimming pool if you have recently had guests over or whenever a huge group of people have used the pool.
  • Douse the swimming pool Myrtle Beach with an algae inhibitor to prevent the development and growth of algae. If you are not sure which chemical to use, seek professional recommendations on the most appropriate algae inhibitor to use depending on the type and size of your swimming pool.
  • Use your pool vacuum to brush the walls and flooring of your swimming pool. To ensure you will not forget, invest in an automatic pool cleaner which does everything it has been programmed to.

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