swimming poolYou’ve planned a lot of activities for the holidays and you are super excited to spend quality time with family and friends. You’ll probably be too busy to do some of your household chores especially swimming pool maintenance. So how do you make sure that your pool is well maintained during this festive season? Provided below are some time saving recommendations as to how you can keep your swimming pool sparkling this Christmas.

Clean Before You Go On A Vacation

If you are scheduled to go on a vacation during the Christmas break then you need to give your swimming pool some good cleaning before you leave. Don’t forget to give your swimming pool’s walls a good scrub to get rid of algae or dirt. Once done, vacuum it. You should also scoop up or skimmer box the leaves that are floating on the surface of your swimming pool Myrtle Beach.

Check PH and Chlorine Levels

If you notice green water on your swimming pool, then that is a good indicator that chlorine levels are way too low. In case you try to check the level of chlorine and you found out that it is below 0.5ppm then you have to shock your swimming pool water with a good dose of chlorine to boost the chlorine level to 10ppm. You also have to check on the pool’s PH level. When you do so, the result should be between 7 and 7.6. You have to add some acid if the PH level is too high.

Check The Filter

It is also very important for you to check the filter. Apart from that, you also have to assess all the other hardware of the swimming pool to make sure that they are all in good condition. You also need to make sure that the automatic timer is properly set so it works correctly while you are enjoying your vacation. If possible, ask one of your close neighbors, a friend, or family drop by your home just to check that the filter and the timer are all working well and smoothly. If left unattended, a defective component like a blown fuse can cause you to come home to a swimming pool that is green and murky.

Consider Buying A Self-Cleaning System

If you have the cash to spare, you may want to consider buying a self-cleaning system for your swimming pool. Having one at home can provide you the peace of mind especially when you are away during the holidays. The self-cleaning system can do a lot more than just reduce the maintenance and cleaning time. It also lowers your running and maintenance expenses as well as restricts the need to use too much chemicals when cleaning the swimming pool. The self-cleaning system will return the treated water back to the floor. Because of this, the chemicals and heat from the surface of the water will be reduced significantly. Overall, the installation of this self-cleaning system in your swimming pool can greatly lower it environmental footprint.

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