Hot Tubs Myrtle BeachA lot of people ask whether it is a good idea to drain their hot tub before the start of winter. But doing that means the tub cannot be used so what is the point of having one if you can’t use it. Didn’t you know that most people will recommend winter as the best time to use the hot tub? Nothing can compare to the experience that you get when you soak in the hot tub during a cold winter night. Given that, there are certain precautions that you must take. You need to do some preparations. Here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Know Your Hot Tub

In order for you to make the best hot tub maintenance, you need to know your hot tub. These include familiarizing yourself with the controls as well as the diagnostic warnings and messages. Be sure to use the freeze protection system and install a working light at the power pack compartment. Keep in mind that you have to keep your hot tub warm as a way of protecting it throughout the winter months.

Clean Your Hot Tub

Give your tub the cleaning that it requires on a regular basis and not just when it is almost winter. It is best to clean it during fall to avoid having to stay outside in the freezing cold just to clean it efficiently. Be sure to tidy up your plumbing system too so as to get rid of any buildup that may have formed during the past few months. It is also important for you to make sure that the filters are clean and in tip-top shape for winter. A dirty filter can easily shut down your tub due to insufficient water flow, which could cause the heater to malfunction and the power pack to shut down.

Pick A Good Quality Hot Tub Cover

Another good winter hot tub maintenance tip is to get a good quality hot tub cover. It can protect your tub while significantly lowering your heating cost. You need to buy the right kind of cover that is ideal for the place where you live in. If you live in a place with heavy snow then the hot tub cover must be able to handle that. If you live in an  area with a warmer climate then a cover that is four inch thick is enough. Another thing that you should remember is that your hot tub cover must fit well to prevent snow, debris, and rain from getting in.

Check The Water Level

It is also important to monitor the water level during the winter months. It should be an important part of your Myrtle Beach winter hot tub maintenance routine. Keep in mind that your pumps may malfunction if the water level is low. It could also cause the water in the tub to freeze and damage the tub’s parts and fixtures. You also need to check the water temperature to make sure that the heater is properly working.

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