How To Move a Billiard Table

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving is never an easy task.  When you have a billiard table it becomes even more complex.  Many people will pack their items themselves and then hire a couple of guys with a truck to move their belongings.  This can be a very costly experience if you are moving a billiard table.  Replacing the slate top or ending up with a table that can’t be balanced is a real nightmare.

Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools can handle this delicate process for you.  They can take down the billiard table and prepare it for a move across the country or they can reassemble the table at your new home locally.

What is involved in moving a billiard table?

If the pockets of your table have staples they need to be removed and each pocket must be marked as to its position.  This is a delicate process to ensure that the covering is not damaged.  If you attempt this yourself you will want to wear safety glasses and gloves and use a drill to remove the staples.

Remove the screws from all side rails and mark the rails to ensure proper placement when reassembled.

It is often necessary to remove the felt from the slate.  This will ensure a safer move of the slate itself.  This process will require that the felt be replaced when the table is reassembled which is a service that Elko can provide.  If the slate is covered with wax, as in the case with some billiard tables, the wax will need to be removed carefully to ensure  the slate is not marred.

The slate is then wrapped in plenty of padding to protect it during the move.  Packing the slate takes at least two people who know what they are doing.

The frame is then disassembled, marked for reassembly and padded and crated.  They are then security wrapped with straps to prevent them from being scratched during the move.

When you have reached your new home, the table must be reassembled and balanced.  As we mentioned, this will probably involve replacing the felt. Re-leveling a table can be tricky and should be left up to someone who knows that they are doing.

Many of these procedures should be followed even if you are moving the table to another room in your current home.  If a billiard table is not properly re-leveled, it will ruin the entire game.

Some people feel they can move a table themselves if they are only going a few feet in the same room.  Again, the balance of the table can be thrown off or the slate damaged which is a costly replacement.

Whether you are moving your billiard table a few feet or to another state, you will want to call Elko Billiards to help you with your move – not your local moving company.  They are experienced in what it takes to move a table safely and securely.

Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools can also provided you with new billiard tables, re-leveling or recovering an existing billiard table.

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