swimming poolIf you’ve had a swimming pool for any length of time, you may find yourself wanting to do a re-design. Perhaps to match a home renovation or new landscaping, but whatever the reason, there are some fantastic ways to breathe new life to your swimming pool. Keep reading to get some great ideas!

Ideas For Re-Designing Your Pool 

Changing the shape or size of the pool. You are not stuck with the current design. You can make it deeper, wider or even bigger. Perhaps you have a shallow pool three feet deep all over and would like a deep end that you can safely dive into. Or maybe you’d like to make the pool fit into a new landscape design or home addition.

Changing The Overall Design. Changing the color of the plaster or concrete is a great way to get a new look. You could also get a Spectrum quartz finish to get some texture or more of a sparkle look. It can be done to match your existing tiles or you might like to get a mosaic look with new tiles. There are several pool designs to choose from

Adding Features. Why not add some features you’ve never had in the pool before? If you want to spend a little money, you can do things like adding raised decks for lounge chairs or picnic tables, umbrellas, etc. Or, you could add water elements like a water wall or fountain, slides or diving boards. Don’t forget too that simple garden elements can really enhance the overall appearance. Multi-colored lights underwater can be a fun addition as well.

If you are planning on re-designing your existing Myrtle Beach swimming pool, be sure to speak to a professional pool builder and let them walk you through all that would be involved in the process. They can look at your pool, go over your wish list and come up with an estimate. It could take awhile to complete, so now in the early spring months is a great time to get started so you will be able to enjoy your newly designed pool for the summer months!

For more ideas for your swimming pool or hot tub, contact Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools today and let us steer you in the right direction to get your dream pool!

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