salt water hot tubThe salty water is one of the primary reasons why people visit the ocean. Even from a distance, well before you hear the waves as well as see and feel the sand, the first thing you smell is the salt in the air. It is an incredible experience to bathe in salty ocean water. Now, not all of us have the luxury of time to go the beach regularly. Because of that, salt water hot tubs have started to become increasingly popular.

A lot of hot tub owners got the idea of bringing the ocean right into their backyards through the use of saltwater-based hot tub sanitation systems. This gives them access to clean and soft water without having to worry about complex maintenance. But just like everything else in this world, salt water hot tubs have its own pros and cons. So, if you are considering to get one, here are some important things you need to expect.

The Benefits

There’s more to a salt water Myrtle Beach hot tub system than just filling it with seawater. Of course, you can’t have it by just dumping table salt in your tub and wish that it will turn out just the way you want it. A salt water sanitation system comes with a unique design. It is made to produce a steady chlorine supply in your tub from the interaction of water and salt through electrolysis. The amount of chlorine that created by this process is sufficient to keep the water free of contaminant and fresh. The chlorine amount is also small enough to prevent the user of the hot tub from experiencing skin or eye irritation. You’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll have clean water and devoid of any side effects caused by chlorine.

Free from Chloramines – salt water hot tubs do not have potentially irritating chloramines, which is produced when chlorine comes in contact with ammonia or other substances. If you are sensitive to chloramine, you will find a saltwater hot tub system as one of the best solutions for you. You will get water that is always clean, don’t have any harmful organism, and limits your contact with chloramine

Increased Buoyancy and Relaxation – salt water is known to increase buoyancy, which can assist you in feeling more relaxed when you are in a hot tub. Additionally, a salt water sanitation system produces salt water that is not only gentle but also soft against your skin.

Simple Upkeep – conventional hot tub water maintenance require routine monitoring and testing to ensure that the PH levels are accurate and make sure that its chemicals are well-balanced. Many owners of typical hot tubs can simply adhere to a routine water care and maintenance schedule. The process is going to be much simpler if you have a saltwater hot tub system. Once you have set it up, the system will maintain itself by continuously producing pure and clean water by itself for months of constant use.

Clean Water For 12 Months – If you have a conventional hot tub water system, you know that you have to drain and refill it every quarter. Although it may seem as if the process is simple, it can be a cumbersome and tiring task. With a salt water sanitation system, the water in your tub is kept clean for up to a year.

The Drawbacks

Even though there are several benefits to using salt water sanitation system, you should also be aware of its drawbacks.

Initial Cost – If you compare it to a traditional water care system, you will find a saltwater hot tub sanitation system as more expensive upfront. Although the initial cost is canceled out because of the minimal ongoing cost for test kits and water supplies.

Corrosion – Even though salt can cause corrosion, it will not be a serious problem if you have a saltwater hot tub system. The salt level that your system will have is going to be lower than what is found in the ocean. Furthermore, if you purchase a high-end tub, it will most likely be made of rust resistant materials such as molded acrylic. But, the other parts of your saltwater hot tub may be at risks like the metal fixtures and rubber seals due to continuous exposure to salt water.

Salt Water Cell Replacement – After several years of using your hot tub water system, you may need to replace the salt water cell that powers up the purification procedure of the salt water sanitation system.

Now that you know the pros and cons of saltwater systems, you might be interested in getting one for your home. When looking for one in your area, do not forget that salt water systems are not compatible with all kinds of hot tub brand or model.

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