swimming poolIf you own a pool, you already know what a luxury and enjoyment it can be, as well as the need to  keep it clean and safe with regular swimming pool cleaning. Cleaning your swimming pool doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to learn a few basics, understand the products needed, as well as the timing. Some things need to be done everyday and other things can be a part of a schedule for maintenance.

Creating A Schedule For Pool Cleaning

Cleaning The Skimmer Baskets. If you create a schedule of the things that need to be done, it’s much less daunting. You will want to check the skimmer baskets on a daily basis, especially if your pool is near trees. At the very least, you should clean the skimmers a few times a week. If these skimmer baskets aren’t cleaned, your pool will begin to get backwash, which can create problems such as clogging pipes that go to the pump room. That can lead to the pool’s filtration system being compromised.

Vacuuming The Pool. You should plan on vacuuming the pool about once a week. If you see that the pool is getting leaves or other debris more often, then you will need to clean it more often. The debris will negatively affect the pH levels of the water.

Cleaning The Tiles. Myrtle Beach swimming pool cleaning also includes keeping the tiles clean. This should be done weekly in order to keep the pool clean and beautiful. You can get away with a little less often if need be, but keep an eye on it.

Cleaning The Pumps. A couple of times during the season, the pumps need to be cleaned. The pumps need to be opened up and the pressure checked. If you see that pressure getting towards the 40’s, it’s pretty high and will need to perform a backwash.

These are just guidelines to help you in your process of  keeping your pool clean. Following these tips will keep your pool sparkling and clean, as well as safe. It will prevent algae, which can be hard to get under control once it starts. If you feel you have the time, you can of course clean the pool more often.

Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service

Of course, the other option you have is to hire a reputable cleaning service. If you don’t want to worry about keeping your pool clean yourself, then call Elko Spas Billiards & Pools today and let us do the job for you! We have all your pool cleaning supplies if you do want to do it yourself.

Call Elko Spas Billiards & Pools today to find out how we can help you keep your pool working beautifully for years of enjoyment!

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