hot tub Myrtle BeachHot tubs have continued to gain popularity over the last few years, yet many people are not educated about the importance of safety and hygiene in the hot tub. To stay safe and healthy and enjoy many years with your hot tub, we want to bring you up to speed on the things you need to know!

Hot Tub Hygiene Tips

Did you know that human skin carries microbes that can be excreted through bodily fluids like tears? These bacteria can survive for days in water and easily infect eyes, mouth and nose, as well as skin. If you have multiple users of your hot tub and aren’t exercising proper hygiene, you are putting everyone at risk for infection. If kids are in the water, they can get water in their mouths and contract digestive tract and other intestinal issues from these bacteria.

So, the first order of attack for good hot tub hygiene is to make sure that anyone who has had recent diarrhea, skin infections or open wounds stay OUT of the hot tub! They can put any other users at risk.

Test Kits

This is a very crucial part of maintaining a safe hot tub. Your hot tub will come with a test kit that has strips and tablets. They will test for the levels of bromine and chlorine. You need to understand these levels and know what they should be so you can adjust accordingly.  Bromine is a disinfectant to keep the water clean. It is usually distributed from a little container or float that has an open-close system to regulate it. Water enters and exits the float through tiny pores.

Chlorine is also an important element to oxidize and sanitize the water in your hot tub. It will kill any living microbes or bacteria that can cause infection. Your PH should be maintained at a level of 7.2 up to 7.5 to ensure that the chemicals are the most effective. To keep the water pure, run these tests daily and replenish the tablets as needed.

Also, keep the tub free of hair, dirt, or other debris, and make sure that the chlorine stays at least 2.0 – 5.0 parts per million.

Hot Tubs and Kids….

We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your children safe around hot tubs! Many children die each year from drowning in hot tub accidents. The best line of defense is to keep the tub covered at all times when not in use. The cover will keep little ones away and it will also keep the water clean from insects, leaves or other debris. If possible, the best option would be to put fencing around the Myrtle Beach hot tub, or at least a gated area so that kids cannot get in.

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