pool cleanersOne of the basic pool supplies that every homeowner should have is a pool cleaner. This amazing tool helps pool owners keep their swimming pools clean and clear without putting in a lot of time and effort. Today’s pool cleaners are basically plug and play and range from simple handheld cleaning devices to complex cleaning systems that are controlled electronically by a computer or your smart phone.

Because there is a wide range of different pool cleaning devices, you may have difficulties choosing which one is the most suitable for your swimming pool. To help you with this, below is a list of the common pool cleaners and some information about them.

• Manual vacuums – These pool supplies generally consist of a vacuum head that is often attached to a telescoping pole to allow the user to be able to reach the bottom of the swimming pool. Manual vacuums use the filtration system of your swimming pool to remove the debris and dirt that it has sucked up. These are often used for above ground swimming pools and are the most affordable cleaning tool in the market. This is primarily because it does not rely on technology for its operation. Because it is manually operated, it requires time and effort from the user.

• Suction-side pool cleaners – These automatic pool cleaners use the suction from your swimming pool’s filtration system to be able to move around the pool. This is why they are referred to as suction-side. Because they are often hooked up to the skimmer basket, they transfer all dirt, sand and other debris that they suck to the skimmer basket. Thus, you will need to regularly clean and remove the skimmer basket after using your suction-side pool cleaner.

Because they do not depend primarily on technology, they are not very expensive and still affordable for the average homeowner. They can be used for both Myrtle Beach above ground and inground swimming pools that are small to medium sized.

• Pressure-side pool cleaners – These pool supplies are used to automatically clean swimming pools and remove both small and big debris such as leaves and twigs. They require the use of a separate booster pump to be able to move around the swimming pool. However, they can also be installed in your pool pump.

It has an attached debris bag where it stores and collects all the debris that it sucks from the swimming pool. Be sure that the debris bag is empty before using this pool cleaner. Also, you will need to empty the debris bag a couple of times in one cleaning session so as to avoid filling it to its capacity and putting a strain to the machine.

• Robotic pool cleaners – According to Elko Spas Billiards & Pools, this type of pool cleaner is the most technology advanced and, of course, the most expensive. You can program a specific cleaning sequence to it, which is beneficial for free-form swimming pools as well as those that have different shapes and sizes. They have their own filter bag and they do not need to depend on the pool filter or pool pump to operate. Robotic cleaners come in different sizes and types, some having a water-safe electrical cord that should be plugged in a GFCI outlet. Others have chargeable batteries or are powered by solar energy.

If you need professional assistance in choosing the best pool cleaner and other pool supplies, call Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools now.

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