pool suppliesThere are plenty of reasons why a lot of homeowners are choosing to install fiberglass pools over the conventional way of building a pool in your back yard. While concrete pools are the way to go if you want an elaborate design that would fit in with the design of your property, it’s not the best option for all. Some homeowners just want to have a pool that looks and functions well and without the headaches of expensive pool maintenance. After all, pool supplies can be costly especially for concrete pools.

If it’s your first time getting a pool for your home, think it over. Don’t be in such a hurry to land that final decision. And while you’re at it, here are a few things that will enlighten you and point you to the right direction.

If only shopping for pools was as easy as buying yourself a new car, it wouldn’t be a problem to jump the gun. However, concrete or vinyl-liner pools aren’t as easy to replace. They can be a pain to replace and maintain. That’s why fiberglass pools are better solutions. Here are some insights on why you should go with fiberglass than your regular pool installation:

Installation is a lot faster

When compared with concrete pools, fiberglass installation takes way less time to complete. Concrete pools need to be dug up, blasted with concrete, and finished. Whereas the installation of fiberglass pools would only need a hole dug up and the pool unit itself. Designs vary and will ship directly to your home.

Little to no maintenance required

Here’s where the fun comes in. If you ever wanted to enjoy having a pool in your back yard and not wanting to do regular maintenance, fiberglass is the option to go. The surface of the pool comes pre-finished, non-abrasive, and easy to clean up. You would also save up on pool chemicals as well.

Uses up fewer pool chemicals

Due to the non-porous surface of fiberglass pools, it is less prone to algae growth. That’s why you will save up to 70% pool supplies Myrtle Beach compared to traditional pools.

Stunning designs

Concrete pools need to be finished before the owner can fully appreciate its beauty. However, fiberglass pools give you the option to see how your pool would look like before it could be installed in your back yard. This gives the homeowner flexibility over the design of the pool, giving them a clear reference on how it looks like in real life. Some manufacturers also allow its customers to make their own custom designs. This greatly improves the versatility of fiberglass pools in terms of aesthetic quality.

Longer warranty

Fiberglass pools are made to last. Some manufacturers boast a 50-year structural warranty for their products. This gives it superior coverage over conventional pools. Not only will the pools last quite a long time due to the materials used to build them, but manufacturers will also make it a point to reinforce their products with lengthy warranty periods to boost the value of the pools.

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