hot tubWinter season is coming and you are still thinking about what to do with your hot tub. You have to make a decision if you wish to shut your hot tub for the wintertime or keep it running so you can enjoy it during the winter.

Based on your decisions, there are a number of actions you require to take to safeguard your hot tub throughout the winter season so the cold air does not harm your hot tub which commonly leads to extremely pricey repairs.

Choose whether to close it or not

Many individuals take pleasure in spending time in their hot tub during the cold weather as there is nothing even more exciting than sitting in a good cozy tub while the snow falls around you. Nonetheless, you have to understand that when it is colder outside, your hot tub will take longer to warm up meaning your power expenses will also increase.

If you have no intention of utilizing your hot tub in the winter season, make sure you correctly drain it before it gets chilly. The majority of hot tub damages that take place during the cool months are triggered by freezing damage as a result of incorrect draining/winterizing of your hot tub These damages can wind up costing you more than simply running it throughout the winter season.

Your Guide To Caring For Your Hot Tub

If you do choose to keep utilizing your hot tub throughout the winter season, there are a couple of steps to take to prepare for the winter season.

1. Adjust the water

Do a complete water change on your hot tub then completely clean it even before the weather gets colder. Attempting to change the water when it is actually cool outside can be rather challenging and, as you can probably imagine, it is no fun at all. Transforming the water and cleaning your hot tub before the cold weather comes will ensure that your hot tub remains in the very best possible working order so there is no need to spend a great deal of time outdoors caring for your hot tub.

2. Invest in a good cover

The majority of your temperature losses will certainly happen at the surface area of the water. Prior to winter months hits, examine your hot tub cover meticulously and also make certain that it is in tip-top shape. If not, fix it or change it. If you don’t, you could end up investing way greater than you planned on your power bills.

3. Check Your Water Levels

Regularly you must examine your water levels in your hot tub over the winter season particularly if you haven’t utilized it for a couple of weeks. If the water level goes down too low your pump and also heater can close down resulting in icy water and possible damages to your hot tub.

4. Closing Your Hot Tub for the Winter

If you make a decision that you will not spend much time in your hot tub over the winter season, you can save quite a little bit of cash by not home heating and distributing the water. You need to take the time to appropriately drain pipes and dry out your hot tub before it gets cold.

5. Flush and also Drain Your Hot Tub

Initially, you have to purge your system and drain all the water from your hot tub. Throughout the cold winter months, you cannot have water in the hot tub that is not distributing and heated up as it will freeze and might harm your tub or the plumbing.

6. Get rid of the Filters
Closing your hot tub for the winter is a great time to take out and tidy the filters. If they are broken, this is the best time to replace them. Clean, dry and put them someplace risk-free throughout the winter.

7. Loosen up Fittings

When you have drained your hot tub, check if there is still water in most of the plumbing installation. Loosen up these fittings and allow all the water to drain out of them. If you have a gas heating system, shut it down according to the manufacturer’s instructions and drain the water from any type of shutoffs and fittings to make sure it is completely dry.

8. Final Clean Up

Mop up any water that has been left behind in the hot tub ensuring that the inside is completely dry. Once it has been dried out, consider providing it an excellent cleaning prior to putting your cover on as well as locking it for the winter months to make opening up the hot tub in the spring easier.

Whether you make a decision to let it run so you can utilize it on those chilly nights or if you like to close it down for the wintertime, there are steps you should take to be certain it continues to run in the cold weather or stays risk-free from the elements. Adhering to these steps will ensure your hot tub continues to be in the best functioning order and can help you avoid damages that might cause pricey repairs in the spring.

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