swimming poolIt’s autumn and for homeowners who have a swimming pool, that means it’s time to start winterizing preparations. Closing your pool for the winter isn’t difficult and can be done yourself. The main reasons you need to close your pool for the winter are: keeping the water clean in order to save time and money opening it back up in spring, and also to shelter the equipment from harsh winter weather. Ice and frost can cause damage to your pool’s equipment, so it’s important to make sure it’s protected during the winter months. The last thing you want when you open up your swimming pool again is to find pipes leaking and cracks to your filters, etc.

A few tips for closing your swimming pool on your own….

You can certainly do the job of winterizing the pool yourself. The first thing you should be certain of is that you have properly balanced the water’s alkalinity, calcium hardness and pH levels. This is important so that the surface of your pool does not crack, etch or stain. Purchase a kit specially made for winterizing the pool water, and it will be nice and clear when you open it back up.

Lower the water levels slightly. This keeps it below the filter and stops the pumps from working to clean the pool water while it’s not being used. Pull the plug at the bottom of the filter to drain the water out of it. Be sure to remember to open the air valve. You should also drain your pump, let it run for a few seconds at the end to ensure that all the water is out. Also, be sure to take away any chemicals you have in the feeder so the equipment is not damaged from them.

The last thing to do is to make certain that your swimming pool is properly covered for the winter. If you have used a summer pool cover, then you will need to clean it well with a pressure washer and get it ready for storage. Take the winter cover out and install it over the water surface of the pool to keep it clean and free from any falling leaves or other debris. If you have children or pets, it’s crucial that you get a winter safety cover that has proper supports. This will prevent anyone from falling into the water and drowning. A regular pool cover will NOT have these safety mechanisms, so please get the proper cover for your swimming pool Myrtle Beach!

For more tips and help for winterizing your pool, call us today at Elko. We’ve got everything you need and can even come do it for you!

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