billiard tableBilliard tables are not cheap investments; thus, it is extremely important for owners to learn how to effectively maintain and take care of this type of investment. Although this piece of sport equipment is designed to last for years, proper maintenance will help ensure that owners maximize the table’s lifespan. Moreover, effectively taking care of the table will result in saving money on unnecessary repairs.

If you have recently bought a pool table, here is an easy maintenance guide that you should follow to effectively take care of billiard tables.

1. Use a table vacuum instead of a table brush. The most important part of maintaining your pool table is to keep it clean and free from dust and debris all the time. And the best way to do this, according to industry experts such as Elko Spas Billiards & Pools, is to use a table vacuum instead of a table brush. Many would recommend using a brush but in reality, the vacuum is better and safer for your table cloth. The primary reason for this is because the table cloth is very much the same as carpets. And because carpets are better cleaned by vacuums, pool tables are also better cleaned by table vacuums.

Note that brushing only moves the chalk dust and other debris all throughout the table. A vacuum, however, effectively removes the dust and all debris on the table. Remember that it is not advised for dust, talc and other debris to accumulate on the pool table Myrtle Beach. These cause damage to the table over time. Thus, you need to remove them using a vacuum as soon as you see them.

2. Advise everyone using the table to remove their excessive jewelry. Keep in mind that jewelries are made from metal and even if it is small in size, it could still slash or rip the table felt. The damage may not be instantly obvious but you will see the cut getting bigger over time and with constant and frequent use.

3. Reduce chalking. The dust from the chalk can easily accumulate on the cloth fiber and eventually cause damage to the fibers of billiard tables. If you cannot control chalking beside the table, consider assigning a chalking area that is far away from the pool table. Make sure all the players use this area for chalking their cues so you can limit the dust that gets into your table.

4. Avoid bringing in small children and pets inside your game room. Kids and pets are naturally playful and naughty. They do not know yet how to take care of your precious things. To prevent them from accidentally damaging your pool table, keep them away from the game room until they know how to behave and take care of your billiard tables Myrtle Beach.

5. Use the table for its intended purpose only. Your pool table is designed for playing pool games. It is not like ordinary tables that you can use in studying or eating. Thus, you should ensure that no one will use your pool table otherwise. Note that some will insist on putting their drinks on top of the table. Even with a coaster, the moisture from the cold drink could still damage the table. Thus, make sure no one will put their drinks on top of the table. If possible, have another table in the room along with some seating so that your guests have a place to put their drinks.

For more billiard tables maintenance tips, contact Elko Spas Billiards & Pools today. You can also check out their listing at Carolina Forest Home Services and Myrtle Beach Home Services.

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