hot tubJust because it is cold outside does not mean you have to drain and cover your hot tub. You can keep it filled, heated, and all set for your upcoming soak so you can make the onslaught of winter manageable. As a matter of fact, some people would say that their hot tub takes on a major role whenever they’re expecting the arrival of winter.

Fortunately, having a newer hot tub in operation for the colder season needs much less upkeep and energy use compared to the older models. Although a high quality hot tub is designed for ease of use and energy efficiency, there are some things you need to bear in mind.

Buy A Good Hot Tub Cover

Although covers could help keep cold air and debris out, not just any cold cover will do. An excellent hot tub cover is much like a tight fitting lid that will lock in the things that you would like to be kept inside your hot tub like water and heat. During the dry and cold months, water will evaporate quickly and heat loss could make your heater work much harder. A good cover has to be waterproof. It must have provide a snug fit that will create a tight seal. It must also feature a layer of dense insulation to stop the escape of heat.

Check The Water Level

The dry and cold outdoor air could make your spa water evaporate much faster than you might be used to during the warmer times of the year. In case the water level drops well below the skimmer level, it will not be able to circulate and do its job to keep that make sure that an even temperature is kept in every nook and cranny of the hot tub. Remind yourself to check the water level after every soaking. It also does not hurt to check every few days, too.

Make Sure The Water Is Clean

Winter is the time of the year when you need to be extra careful about keeping the water in your hot tub clean because this season offers very few chance for a drain and refill. Your best defence is requesting that all those who use the hot tub to have a quick rinse first in the shower before entering. Keeping out the soap residues, lotions, as well as other substances on the skin could get you to the following freezing day.

Change Your Water Early

When it comes to drain and refill, your tub needs be drained before the temperatures drop below freezing. If not, trying to get this done on a frigid day will just put your Myrtle Beach hot tub at a higher risk of having to deal with frozen pipes.

Switch Off the Jets

You can provide relief to tired muscles by going into full jet mode on your hot tub. However, you should not overdo it because you may wind up with a chilly tub. Jets absorbs outside air, which helps in lowering the water temperature. Additionally, disrupting the water will expose more area to the colder air, which will lead to even more heat loss.

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