pool tableOne of the most important and critical characteristics of a pool table is that it should always be in the right level. If your billiard table is not level, the balls will not roll evenly across the table and may affect how people play a game on your table. Keep in mind that one of the keys to an accurate billiard shot is a level table. This is why you need to always ensure your table is level.

Determining whether your table is level or not and adjusting it to the right level doesn’t require any special tools or skills. This can be easily done in just a few seconds and with basic items that can be found in a home improvement or hardware store – if you don’t already have them in your home.

Here are some tips to help you determine whether or not your pool table is level:

  • Use a carpenter’s level to test whether the table is in the right level and balance. For best results, set the carpenter’s level on all four sides of the table. This will help you identify which leg is not in the right height, making your table uneven.
  • Before doing anything to adjust the level of your billiards table, you might want to consult your owner’s manual to get to know your table better. It is important that you know what kind of pool table you have – whether it has metal plates or adjustable plates – as this will help you in getting it back to the right level.
  • If your pool table Myrtle Beach uses metal plates for its legs, you simply have to add metal plates to the legs that are not in the right level. Be sure to follow your owner’s manual when adding or removing metal plates.
  • If your billiard table has adjustable legs, there will most likely be screws and pins to hold the legs in their current level. Take those screws and pins out so that you can move the legs up or down to find the right level.
  • If your table doesn’t use metal plates or adjustable legs, you can still set it to the right level by using shims. You should add as many shims as you need to the legs that are not in the right level.
  • To easily test the level of your table after some adjustments, simply roll a ball from one section of the table. If the ball rolls to a particular side of the table, you may need to make more adjustments.
  • Another way to check whether or not you have set the billiards table to the right level is by using a piece of glass and a marble. Place the piece of glass on the center of the table and put the marble on top of the glass. If the marble falls off of the glass to a particular side of the table, then that means you would need to add more height to that particular leg. For best and more accurate results, place the glass and marble on each side of the table.

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