pool tablesHave you ever asked yourself how billiard tables are different from snooker tables and pool tables? If yes, then this article is for you. Snooker, pool, and billiards are different kinds of games and every game uses a different kind of table.

Billiard Tables

Pool and snooker were derived from billiards. When it comes to “carom billiards,” the primary purpose of billiards is to strike the object ball using a cue ball, hitting the rails for three times, and then coming into contact with the second ball. There’s no need for pockets. A billiard table commonly has a size of 9.3 feet by 4.7 feet. In the United States, billiard tables may also measure by 10 feet by five feet.

The surface of a billiard table is made of 100% worsted wool, which is a wrinkle free and smooth compact fabric that’s called baize. Unlike billiard tables, snooker and pool tables use felt for its surface covering. The billiard table’s surface area measures 112 inches by 56 inches.

Pool Tables

A pool table has six pockets. The four corners has one pocket and one pocket on each side of the table’s long side. Pool table are available in different sizes. You can choose between seven feet, eight feet, and nine feet. You will find smaller pool tables measuring six or so feet and they are called condo pool tables Myrtle Beach.

Snooker Tables

Snooker tables are larger than pool tables and billiard tables. But they are lower when it comes to the height and the pockets are also smaller. In Europe, snooker tables are 12 feet by 6 feet. In the United States, they measure 10 feet by 5 feet.

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