hot tubFor most of us, one of the best feelings in the world is sliding into a hot tub at the end of a hard day or when it’s cold outside. That hot, steamy water has a way of rejuvenating the body and the mind, as well as providing some great health benefits. Take those jets hot tubs for instance—they massage your sore muscles and help relieve overall body aches and pains. Back in the 1940’s a man by the name of Candido Jacuzzi invented what we now know as the jucuzzi or hot tub. He was trying to find a way to help his son who suffered with rheumatoid arthritis to find some relief from his joint pain. Nowadays, although the hot tub mostly is an item of luxury, it offers the same great therapeutic benefits as it did back then.

So What Are Some Of These Health Benefits?

Wood hot tubs Myrtle Beach have been around for many years and are famous for relieving muscle aches and tightness, as well as other types of pain. They are standard in the lives of athletes, sportsman and divers. Just like a painful area is relieved by the warmth of a hot water bottle, a hot tub accomplishes the same thing in bigger proportions. You can get jets with different pressure strengths and place them strategically in the hot tub to target certain areas where you need relief. Being immersed in water allows you to do stretching and light exercising that will help get better results than only being outside the water. This allows injuries to heal faster and range of motion to be restored quicker due to the buoyancy of being in the water. Because you weigh virtually nothing in the water, the relief of tension is almost instantaneous. So much so, the National Arthritis Foundation has listed hot tub therapy as one of the best-known therapies for chronic arthritis.

Did you know that there are also benefits to your heart when soaking in a hot tubs? Warm water dilates blood vessels, which increases blood flow to your heart, which drastically decreases chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

And perhaps one of the best health benefits gained from regular use of a hot tub in Myrtle Beach is relief of insomnia. Whether you just need to wind down and get your body ready for sleep, or trying to treat full-blown insomnia, the warm water of a hot tub in Myrtle Beach can be enormously helpful for getting to sleep faster and sleeping deeper and longer. Just 15 minutes soaking in a hot tub before bed can increase your level of rest and help you wake refreshed.

While hot tubs are fun, romantic and relaxing, they really do offer some great benefits for your health and overall wellbeing.

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