swimming pool cleaningSummer months mean longer and warmer days when you can enjoy your swimming pool. However, it likewise means that you are in store for some rain. Once the summer’s warm humid air comes across a cold front, you may be on to a rainy situation. In some cases, this may even cause some damages due to the lighting and strong winds it brings. It can be quite hard to know how to go about reopening the swimming pool following a storm. However, a quick turnaround is a must especially if you are a facility that caters to a huge number of people. Pool management should be one of the primary concerns when it comes to post storm cleanup. This will help you prepare your pool so that swimmers can get back in the water right away. You can hire professionals to help you with the swimming pool cleaning after a storm.

Swimming Pool Cleaning After A Storm

Skim And Brush The Pool Water

Before adding new chemicals to your swimming pool water, you need to first check the pool’s surface for large debris. Leaves, branches, and other objects may have fallen into the pool water during the storm, and there’s no filter that can clear these kinds of huge objects from the pool water.

The first step when it comes to cleaning pool after a storm is to get rid of the branches and other objects in the pool. Once you are done cleaning the surface of the pool water, the next thing you have to do is to agitate the whole pool so you can stir up any debris or dirt that might have dropped into the bottom of the pool. This would make it much easier for the pool’s filtration system to get and get rid of it from the water.

Needless to say, a pool cover will deal with all of these concerns. Provided that you have the forewarning to install the pool cover before the storm, you would be able to skip all the aforementioned cleaning steps.

Check The Water Chemistry

It may seem quite obvious but you it’s worth noting that you have to check the water chemistry or the PH balance of your pool after a different source of water was introduced to the swimming pool after the storm. You can keep your swimmers safe from harmful organisms including waterborne bacteria through the use of safe chemicals. Always remember that even the smallest alteration in the PH can make your swimming pool the best breeding ground for various types of infection.

The majority of the pool water should rest within 7.4 and 7.6. However, the average rain storm has a more acidic PH which is at the PH of 5. Having too much rain water in your swimming pool may cause the swimmer’s eyes to sting once they use your pool. A slight drizzle won’t affect the pool’s PH that much, however, any storm that would drop several inches of rain could drastically affect the safety of your pool.

Shock Your Pool

A shock treatment may be required if you notice that your swimming pool still has contaminants or objects that may cause safety issues or PH imbalances. It will get rid of any material that you do not want to be in your pool. Regular shock treatment will add the active cleaning agent to your pool water at a ratio of about 2 pounds of cleaning solution to 10,000 gallons of water. However, you can make adjustments to the dosage based on the contamination of your pool.

Once the shock treatment is done, it is important for you to run the filtration system of the pool for a minimum of 12 hours to get rid of the cleaning agent from the water. The majority of the shock treatments utilize strong chemicals to clean up huge volumes of water, and these are not safe for humans to swim in. Check the PH levels once you are done cleaning the shock out to make sure that the treatment was effective.

It is also part of the swimming pool cleaning Myrtle Beach routine to tidy up the walkways and mop areas with standing water. Swimmers are very particular with cleanliness and when it comes to private or public swimming pools, and keeping your establishment clean after the storm has passed will prove that you are committed to preserving the safety of the people who is in your facility.

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