hot tubHaving a cover for your hot tub is as essential as the hot tub itself.  Here are some facts about hot tub covers and why you want to make sure you have one installed.

Why you need a hot tub cover

The keep impurities from getting into your Jacuzzi

Leaves, insects and trash can blow into your hot tubs Myrtle Beach causing problems with the filter and polluting the water.  A cover will keep these problems at a minimum.  Even if your tub is not outdoors but inside a porch or sun room, you will still get impurities in the tub if it is not covered.

Protection for pets and children.  You have heard the horror stories of children drowning in a hot tub.  Children and pets are curious and will climb up anything to see what is inside.  Most hot tub covers are very heavy and will prevent a pet or child from accidentally falling into the hot tub.  The heaviness of the cover also prevents children from lifting up the cover and trying to crawl into the hot tubs.

A cover will protect your Jacuzzi from sunlight.  Exposure to the direct sun can cause problems. Also, when the weather is warmer the sun can cause bacteria to build up and increased algae in your hot tub.  Having a cover will protect the tub from excessive sunlight.

A cover will help to retain heat.  It can be expensive to maintain a hot water temperature in your hot tub.  Having a cover will help to retain the heat in the tub and lower your electric bill.  Most covers are insulated with a polystyrene material which aids in heat retention.  You will want to make sure you have a thick cover for best results.

What to look for when purchasing a hot tub cover

SizeHot tub covers are NOT one size fits all.  You will to check with your dealer on the specific size for your hot tub.  If the hot tub came with your house and you are not sure of the size, you will want to call a professional to measure the hot tub and to test the water.

Material. There are different types of materials for covering your hot tub. Make sure that you select a heavy cover to retain the heat and keep children and pets out.  Also you will want to ensure the cover is mildew resistant.

R-value.  This refers to the insulating capabilities of the hot tub cover.  As a general rule, the higher the R-value, the better.

Warranties.  Read the warranty carefully.  Make sure you understand how long the warranty is good for and what it covers.  This is probably the highest investment next to the hot tub itself and you want to make sure you are covered in the event of damage.

Maintenance.  Just like the tub itself, you need to maintain your hot tub cover. You should clean the cover on a regular basis, usually once a month.  Check with your hot tub dealer, but you should be able to clean the cover with soapy water.  If you are not using your hot tub on regular basis, you will want to unzip it and let the tub “breathe.”

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