hot tubsIf you’re like the majority of Americans, you equate hot tubs with luxury. I mean, how many times have we been on vacation at some fabulous hotel or resort and spent hours soaking in the hot tub. Whether it’s cold weather and you’re coming off the ski slopes, or a nice evening at home, hot tubs provide so many benefits that go far beyond simple luxury. Make no mistake—it is luxurious to sit and relax in a hot tub, but have you thought about the actual benefits from doing it on a regular basis? Well, here are just a few!

Hot Tub For Your Health!

A good soak in a hot tub Myrtle Beach can be good for your health, as well as your relationships with your significant other! Who doesn’t want that, right? For centuries, public bathhouses have been part of the culture, not only for hygiene but for medicinal and therapeutic benefits as well. Doctors recommended these hot baths to cure just about anything. Fast-forward to modern day and one of our biggest health challenges is stress. It causes diseases, drives us to addictions and ruins relationship. Stress needs to be managed and part of a great stress relief routine is soaking your tired and tight muscles in a hot tub at the end of a long day! Your hot tub can mean the difference in your health.

If you’ve ever soaked in a hot tub with your partner then you know how wonderful it feels to get intimate and share those cuddles in comforting hot water. Add some jets in and it’s pleasure at its best! Why not sit and get cozy with your spouse while you talk about your day and let your worries and stress go? We could all use more of that!

If you have kids, they will also love playing in the hot tub. During the summer, you can even turn the water heater off and let the kids play in the hot tub like it were a miniature pool. They’ll love that!

Hot tubs in the winter months can be a wonderful money saver by allowing you and your family to enjoy a nightly soak and get your body temperature warmer. When you come back inside, you will not need as much heat so your furnace can run less.

While a hot tub is an initial investment financially, it does serve way more than just luxury. By taking care of your mind and body, you have less stress, saving you money on medical bills. Stress is the number one contributor to dozens of diseases. If you have arthritis, the hot tub can make a huge difference in your quality of life. If you have insomnia, it can also restore your sleep patterns.

With so many benefits, why not make the investment in your own hot tub today? Call us here at Elko Spas Billiards & Pools to get started!

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