Sometimes new hot tub owners think that regular maintenance of hot tubs will be overwhelming.  But, really, hot tub maintenance is not hard at all.  It just requires a few minutes a week, and you’ll be relaxing in and enjoying your hot tub.  We’d like to give you a few pointers for your hot tub maintenance.

Most hot tubs and spas are made with an acrylic interior shell.  Acrylic is simple to clean because it is a non-porous surface (unlike concrete pools) and germs and bacteria can’t become imbedded.  So, just keep the acrylic clean and dust-free by wiping it down with either a damp cloth or a cloth with a mild cleaner…same as your acrylic bathtub.

The cover of your hot tub Myrtle Beach spa is exposed to the outdoor elements on a daily basis, so you should always use a vinyl protector application on a regular basis to give it a long life.  Most good spa and hot tub distributors will carry this product.  Make sure you don’t use the vinyl protector anywhere other than on the cover.  It is a chemical (though mild) product and you don’t want it contaminating the water.  For the underside of the cover, just use a regular garden hose and spray it down once in a while and let it air-dry on a warm sunny day.

Keeping your pool water clean will require some basic chemicals, same as your swimming pool.  These chemicals will be added to the water to kill bacteria and other germs.  As with your swimming pool, chlorine is the most commonly used chemical sanitizers.  Your spa and hot tub retailer will advise as to the right amount and the best chemicals to use.  When you follow the simple instructions, and do the right things on a consistent basis, your water will be crystal clear and ready for your enjoyment at all times.  As we said before, this should only take a few minutes each week.

Clean your filter on a regular basis; this will lengthen the life of your hot tub or spa.  Get specific instructions for this from your hot tub dealer.

The most important thing to remember is that the right formula for keeping your hot tub or spa in tip-top condition is critical.  Don’t guess at it.  Get professional advice and buy the right chemicals.  The formula is based on the size, the specific model and how often you are using your hot tub.

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