swimming poolHaving a pool in your backyard is a great source of enjoyment, good exercise, and just plain fun to relax during those warm summer days.  But, they are more than these things – they are a way to increase the value of your home.  If you ever plan on selling your home or enhancing the value, a swimming pool may be one of the wisest investments you could make to accomplish this.

In-ground pools are the best means to increase the value of your home.  Although they are a major investment, they also give you lots of versatility because they come in many different sizes, shapes and have different options, based on your desires and needs.  You can choose to have a shallow end for children and those who are learning to swim, and then perhaps add a deep end for diving boards, slides, and even  lap swimming.

A much less expensive option is an above-ground pool.   They will require a deck and privacy fencing, but adding the deck and fencing will definitely raise the value of your home as well.  Above-ground pools aren’t very deep, but they still offer great enjoyment and relaxation on a summer day…just splashing around with friends and the kids.

Another way of adding value to your house is to install a hot tub.  A good hot tub is not cheap, but they are an excellent way to relax, and can be enjoyed even in cooler seasons.   Hot tubs have proven to be a wonderful selling point when showing your house for sale.

As great as a hot tub is, most people wishing to add to the value of their home choose an in-ground swimming pool Myrtle Beach because they add instant value.  When planning your new in-ground pool, pay good attention to the placement of the pool because this can majorly impact the value.  Generally, you would want to install an in-ground pool behind your home, with attractive fence surrounding the area.

Remember, installing an in-ground pool takes a good bit of time and involves digging up your yard. Have your contractor make sure the location of the pool won’t interfere with anything else that runs underground.  When your new pool is complete, and everything is set up, including your decking and fencing, then have your home appraised.   You’ll be amazed at the value you just added to your home. And then there’s still time for you and your family and friends to enjoy your investment.

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