aboveground poolIf you’ve decided to take the plunge and have a swimming pool installed, then you might not realize that above ground pools are among many fantastic choices. But have you thought about above ground pools as a viable option? Consider these five great reasons why an above ground pool might just be the perfect choice for your family!

Aboveground Pools Are Easy!

Low Maintenance. Every swimming pool Myrtle Beach requires some maintenance to keep it safe. Water testing and chemical balances need to be checked often. This will keep algae out of your pool, as well as bacteria. Also, with above ground pools, you will have far less debris or leaves getting in the water because the pool sits higher off the ground. This also goes for animals. Dogs or other animals can’t get into the pool nearly as easily if it’s a pool that has some height to it.

Safety. Accidents with small children are far more likely with in-ground pools. They can go right up to the edge of the pool and fall in, unable to swim or get out. It only takes 2 inches of water for a child to drown, so imagine an entire pool! Pools above the ground are safer for kids because of the height of the pool.

Easy Installation. Installing the pool is much easier with above ground pools. Whether you hire a contractor to do it for you, or you do it on your own, it’s just far less work. The digging and pipes, etc., that comes with installing in-ground pools safely can quickly make the cost go up.

No Decking Necessary. You don’t always have to have decking around a pool. That right there will save you lots of money. You will have ample privacy due to the height of the pool. Decking can make it more spacious and fun, but not a requirement.

It’s Just Plain Cheaper. Above ground pools can be really beautiful and whether you have in-ground or above ground pool Myrtle Beach, you will have a nice pool in the end, but why pay more when you could get the result you want for far less money and much faster? Nobody wants to take out a huge loan just to have a pool for the family to enjoy!

Just imagine your family on those hot summer days, relaxing in your new above ground pool. It can happen much easier than you might think! For more info, call us at Elko Spas, Billiards and Pools. We have many names to choose from and lots of ideas to help you get the most beautiful pool possible. Gone are the days when aboveground pools were junky looking! Today’s pools are made to fit in with your landscape and overall aesthetic. Call today!

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