pool tableWhen you buy a pool table, there are several feature that you have to consider. The pool table buying tips below will help you select a pool table that will last for several years.

Owning a pool table offers a wonderful sources of destressing and relaxation. It’s also a perfect way to entertain your house guests. But before you buy one, you need to know what you need to look for in a pool table Myrtle Beach.


Having a level surface is important when it comes to playing pool properly. Some tables come with adjustments on the legs that permit levelling. In case the table can’t be adjusted, you can use standard playing cards to raise each one of the leg as necessary. Table surfaces that are not smooth or level aren’t easy to fix. Keep in mind that the more you move a table, the more it will fall out of level.


Search for a pool table that used solid hardwood for its construction. These pool tables are much heavier but they’re also very durable. They should come with support beams that go full length as well as lock to the cross members. Find a backed slate with a supporting wood that’s at least 0.75 inches.


The perfect slate comes with a surface that’s diamond honed. In case it has a three piece slate, you need to know if it’s matched. Having a matched slate implies that all of the pieces were cut from a single slab. A table with a ¾ inch slate is better.


The ideal felt surface would be glued and screwed into their proper places. Staples and light glue won’t give you a lasting surface. You need to ask about the felt’s wool content. The more wool the material has, the more durable it’s going to be. Quality felt is generally 20% nylon and 20% wool.

Railing and Cushions

Rails must be made from hardwood. If the wood is harder then there will be less vibration upon ball contact. In case the rails come with a laminated surface, it must be a high pressure laminate. The cushions must be created using a canvass backing, which will help it stick to the rail.


The pockets must be created using a rubberized plastic that’s soft. Hard plastic could easily crack and break when used.


When you have a good picture of the things you need to look for when buying a pool table, you have to pick one that comes with a solid warranty. A billiards table that’s well build must come with a lifetime guarantee. Prior to buying one, be sure to have enough available space. Aside from table space, you require a room where you can take shots without worrying about getting in contact with the ceiling or the walls. You have to aim for a clearance of at least 5 feet on all the sides of the table. For the perfect game of pool table, it must be installed correctly.

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