swimming poolimming pooIf you have always wanted a swimming pool in your backyard, you no doubt have visions of living the good life, relaxing after a long day, and taking nighttime dips to cool off. But swimming pools also come with a huge responsibility and they do require regular upkeep to ensure they stay running in good order. In this article, we’re breaking down the most common mistakes most people make with pool maintenance.

Avoid These Swimming Pool Mistakes!

Not Adding Adequate Chlorine

Balancing the chemicals in your swimming pool Myrtle Beach is super important, especially if the pool gets a lot of use. You should check your chemicals everyday, or even more often if there are many people in the pool. Keeping the filter clean and free of debris is also very important. Adding enough chlorine will prevent algae growth and of course, nobody wants to see algae in their pool! If checking chemical levels is a chore to you or you can’t do it as regularly as you should, consider buying a chlorine floater device that will automatically deliver enough chlorine to maintain the pool’s proper balance.

Not Regularly Running The Pump

This is something that should not be neglected. Lots of homeowners will try to save on energy costs by not running the pump as much as they should. Doing this doesn’t really save money in the long run, due to the fact that you will end up buying more chemicals to compensate. Not running your pump enough could also lead to issues that would require the services of a swimming pool expert, leading to even more costs.

Keep in mind that during the summer months, the pump should be running at least 7 to 8 hours per day. If it doesn’t, that beautiful crystal water will start turning green. Also, be mindful of your dog going for a swim, as their fur can easily cause the pump to be stopped up. Check the skimmer baskets often.

Not Properly Using Dyes Or Algaecides

Dyes can be safe, but they can also have an effect on the swimming pool cleaning components. Taking out the cartridge filter before you add dye can prevent problems.

Keep in mind that using algaecides will cause your chlorine levels to drop, sometimes significantly. For this reason, be sure you have plenty of chlorine on hand before you add the algaecide treatment. Failing to do this will cause your water to become green. Run your pump when adding dyes or algaecides so that the water is moving and evenly distributing the additives. Poor water circulation only leads to problems and dangerous chemical imbalances.

Having a swimming pool can be such a rewarding experience and provide many hours of fun and enjoyment for your family and friends. Keeping it maintained isn’t as hard as you might think if you keep these three things in mind. So remember:

  • Check and add chlorine often.
  • Keep your water circulating by running your pump.
  • Be careful with dyes and algaecides.

Have a safe and happy summer and call Elko for all your swimming pool needs!

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