swimming poolSpring is just around the corner and many homeowners are wondering how to open their swimming pool. It’s a question that you probably have on your mind right now. Perhaps you just installed a swimming pool last year or you recently moved to new house. Or you might be looking for a refresher or tips on how open your swimming pool for the spring season.

Spring Swimming Pool Opening Tips

The time has come when you need to unveil the pool and find out what is hiding underneath the cover. Will you see signs of damage or perhaps a green water? You’re probably anxious to see what’s inside at this point. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s really very easy and simple.

Removing The Swimming Pool Cover

In case you have a safety cover, start first by clearing the debris from the cover through a pool brush or a skimmer. Pop the some of the springs so the cover tension will be reduced to make the swimming pool cleaning easier.

Clean the deck using a leaf blower and release the remaining springs from their anchors. Before you fold, you should lower all of the brass anchors to the deck so that the pool cover won’t sag. Pull each section at a time and then fan fold the pool cover. Place it into the pool cover bag and store it indoors. You may want to add mint bags or moth balls to keep rodents away.

Winter Freeze Plugs

You probably installed winterization plugs on your swimming pool Myrtle Beach skimmers, pool wall returns, and cleaner liners. Be sure that all of the winterization plugs are taken out of the swimming pool before you begin the filter pump. There are drain pumps and filters that were taken out during the fall season. Now will be the perfect time to install them back using a thread sealant or Teflon tape so that filter drips and pump air leaks are prevented.

Reassembly of the Pool Equipment

At the swimming pool:

  • Secure back the hand rails and ladders
  • Get rid of all the plugs from the skimmers, cleaner liners, and wall returns
  • Change the wall return eyeball fittings and the skimmer baskets.
  • Check the diving board bolts
  • Inspect the floor drains

At the Pump

  • Change the drain plugs for the filter and pump, and chlorinator or heater.
  • Attach the pressure gauge on top of the filter tank
  • Open up all of the closed valves and make sure that the filter valve is in the filter position.
  • Check the cartridges or filter grids. Make sure that they’re inside the tank. Be sure to tighten up the filter clamp band.

Restarting the System

Starting up the system is different for every swimming pool. If there’s a multiport valve that can direct water to waste, then choose that setting. By doing so, it will prevent the filthy winter water from going to your filter while priming it. Don’t forget to roll the backwash hose and then pump the water out of the drain and skimmers.

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