swimming poolWith all of the rain and heat we have had lately, you will want to keep a close eye on your pool.  Because of the pollutants that are in the rain, you will want to test your swimming pool water to ensure that the pool is safe for your family and friends.  You will also want to closely monitor the water level of your pool.

If you have a cover for your pool you can avoid some of these conditions, however, most Myrtle Beach home owners don’t bother with a cover once their swimming pool has been opened for the season.

A poorly maintained swimming pool can become the home of disease and germs.  If care is not taken, your pool will become unsafe for swimming and can be the cause of infections.

Easy Steps For Swimming Pool Maintenance


Water testing – this is the most important step for your swimming pool safety. Elko Spas Billiards & Pools will be happy to test your swimming pool water and let you know the chemical components of your water and what needs to be changed.  The primary area to check is the pH level and alkalinity of your water.  As a rule of thumb, pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6.  Alkalinity should be around 180ppm.  If all of this is Greek to you, then you will want to bring your pool water to Elko for testing.

Sanitize – after your water is properly balanced, you will want to add chlorine, unless you have salt water chlorination. You want a level that is high enough to keep algae growth and bacteria under control.  This is also something that can be tested when you bring your water in for testing. In most instances chlorine tablets will be added to your skimmer or some pools have a mechanical feeder.  The tablets dissolve as the water flows over the tablets.

Shocking – This is a process that should be done in average once a week in addition to your regular chlorine treatment.  This will ensure that contaminants can’t develop to cause a problem with your swimming pool.  If you have a period where there is a lot of activity in your pool such as a holiday party, you will want to shock the swimming pool after the party is over to prevent any trouble with your pool.

Checking Calcium Hardness – this is another area where you will want to keep a close eye over the summer swimming season.  If the water in your pool is too hard, it will cause the pH levels to increase which will cause a scale to form on your swimming pool.  If this happens, you will want to add sodium hexametaphosphate.  On the other side of the spectrum, if the water is too soft it can cause the vinyl liner of your pool to breakdown.  In this situation, you will want to add calcium chloride dehydrate. Elko Pools has all the pool supplies that you will need.

Algae Control – proper swimming pool maintenance will prevent problems linked to algae. A great way to prevent algae is to skim the top of your pool on a regular basis.  With the rain and wind we have been experiencing in Myrtle Beach you will want to do this on a daily basis until the weather clears up.

Running your pump – all swimming pools Myrtle Beach have a circulation pump which keeps the water moving through the filters.  This pump will help to remove any unwanted pollutants from your pool.  Make sure that the pump is running for at least 4-5 hours every day.

Swimming Pool equipment – you need to take care of your pool equipment.  This includes pumps, motors, timers, heaters, lights, pool covers, ladders, filters and more.  You should backwash your filters on a regular basis.  Check leaf baskets every day and make sure that your other equipment is in top shape.


At Elko Spas Billiards and Pools we have the necessary chemicals, pool supplies and water testing to keep your swimming pool in excellent shape during the summer fun swimming season.  Don’t hesitate to stop by with a water sample or to ask your questions.


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