above ground pool Myrtle BeachThe heat of summer will soon be here and nothing can beat the Myrtle Beach heat like refreshing and cool above ground swimming pool. When the temperatures are rising, nothing beats the cool waters of your own swimming pool. It is absolutely irresistible.

Not only is a pool inviting for friends and family, it can also add to the value of your home.  A well designed and landscaped above ground swimming pool can add to the resale value to your Myrtle Beach home.

Types of Above Ground Swimming Pools

There are basically two types of Myrtle Beach Pools, in ground pools and above ground swimming pool Myrtle Beach. In ground Myrtle Beach pools are permanent structures which require a lot more work to install such as excavation, additional wiring and more backyard space.  Above ground Myrtle Beach pools are becoming very popular and take a lot less time to install.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Because of their lower construction costs, an above ground recreational pool is a great addition to your home.  They are easier to build than an in-ground pool, however, you will still want to utilize a professional installer to have the job done right.  Myrtle Beach pools that are above ground usually come in a kit and can be installed by a do-it-yourself person if you know what you are doing.  In most instances, a Myrtle Beach homeowner will be better off hiring a professional which comes with a guarantee.

By hiring a professional that knows how to install above ground pools, you are getting the job done in a systematic way that avoids mistakes.  Just a few of the items that need to be addressed are:

  • Leveling the ground for a flat surface on which to build
  • Assembling the base track of the pool which supports the out wall of Myrtle Beach pools
  • Then the plumbing needs to be laid on top of the sand that is used to support the pool
  • The liner which is usually vinyl, is spread over the pool walls and made secure before fastening into place.
  • Then the pool is filled with water
  • The pump and filter systems are hooked up and the pool is ready for a great back yard party.

Types of above ground swimming pools

There are basically two types of above ground Myrtle Beach pools.  These pools can be placed almost anywhere and are easy to keep clean and use.

Hard-sided Myrtle Beach pools

Hard-sided pools come in several sizes and depths depending on what you need. They are usually round or oval in shape and have a metal frame.  To keep the pool stable, a piece of metal wall that is flexible with a rail made of sheet metal is attached to the top of Myrtle Beach pools.  This rail is then attached to the liner to keep the water contained within the pool. You will definitely require a professional to install this type of pool.

Soft-sided Myrtle Beach pools

Over the last decade or so, soft sided pools have increased in popularity.  They come in a variety of shapes including rectangle and round.  Soft sided Myrtle Beach pools usually have metal frames and are available in a wide variety of sizes and depths.  These pools are known for their durability and strength and in some instances, are less expensive than a hard sided pool.  You can customize your pool as these pools can be built in larger sizes.  Come to our showroom to see the wide variety of Myrtle Beach pools.

With a soft sided pool you can place it on any surface such as sand, grass, dirt and even on a concrete patio.  The line in this type of pool is very similar to the material that is used in bullet proof vests and is very durable.  This makes it resistant to punctures and tears. This type of pool is easy to assemble, however, you will want to do the same type of preparation of this pool which may require a professional installer.

Regardless of which type of pool you decide to install, you will need an electric pump in order to circulate the water.  You will also need filters and ladders.  Filters will be needed to make sure the water is clean and algae free and ladders will be need to enter and exit the pool safely.  All of these supplies can be found at Elko Spa, Billiards and Pools.

Additional items you will need are a pool heater, a pool cleaner and an automatic chlorinator.  To really enhance your pool experience, you may want to add a slide and pool lights.  Don’t forget to factor in these accessories when budgeting for a new pool.  You will also want to consider additional landscaping to enhance the look of your pool.

Myrtle Beach pools are very popular and if you plan to install an above ground pool for your summer fun, you will want to get started now before the summer rush.  This will give you time to install the pool, do some landscaping and get ready for summer fun.

Stop in or call Elko Spas Billiards & Pools today for an estimate on your Myrtle Beach pool.

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