above ground swimming poolIf you have an above ground swimming pool, you’re probably excited about pool season. But before anything else, you have to open and prepare it first. You can pay a swimming pool expert to help you with this or you can do it yourself.

When you learn how to open an above ground swimming pool Myrtle Beach, it will become easier for you eventually. You just need someone to help you, the appropriate supplies, a bit of elbow grease, and you’ll get to swim in your pool in no time.

Why should you know how to open an above ground swimming pool?

If your pool has been covered for quite some time, you can’t just take off the cover and swim right away. You have to think that the water in your pool has been stagnant. Do you think it’s safe to dive in right away?

What you need to open an above ground swimming pool?

There are a few things you will need when you open you pool and you probably have most of these items. You’ll need a startup chemical kit, cover cleaner, skimmer net, soft broom, and pool cover pump.

Tips For Opening Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Clear the winter pool cover.

If you have a winterized cover or a pool safety cover, the first thing you have to do is get rid of the debris, leaves, and water. Any excess water can easily be removed with a pool cover pump. An alternative is a regular sump pump if you don’t have a pool cover pump. To get rid of debris and leaves, you should use a skimmer net or a soft broom. Remove as many debris as you can.

Take out the pool cover.

When you’ve cleaned things up, carefully remove the swimming pool cover. Avoid dragging it so you don’t spill the remaining debris inside the pool.

Clean and store the pool cover.

An easily accessible and large area such as your driveway, deck, or lawn is the best spot to spread the swimming pool cover. Be sure that the area doesn’t have any sharp objects to avoid damaging the cover. Wash the cover using a cover cleaner or a car wash soap and scrub it gently and thoroughly. Then store the cover.

Remove the pool plugs and ice compensators.

Once you stored the cover, the next thing to do is to remove the pool plugs, Check the pool and take out all plugs from the openings including the skimmer bucket and the return jets.

Add water to your swimming pool.

Depending on how you covered your swimming pool, you may need to add more water so it would reach the appropriate water level. Use a hose filter so that impurities are screened out.

Reinstall the deck equipment.

You have to reinstall the deck equipment such as the lifts, steps, and ladders, before you can use your swimming pool. Be sure to check for damage and rust. If there are items that look worn out or flimsy, don’t use it. Find a replacement right away.

Set up the pump, and other equipment.

Return all the plugs to the drains. Put back the pressure gauges too the pump, pool filter, and other equipment. Then connect the skimmer back to the swimming pool pump and then the pump to the filter. You should also connect the filter to the chlorinator, heater, as well as other filter equipment.

Start up the filter and pump.

Start up the system and make sure that there are no drips or leaks. Everything must be working properly. You can hire a swimming pool expert to help you out.

Clean your pool.

Clean the pool, walls, and all the nooks and crannies. You should vacuum it, too. Once you’ve cleaned the pool, skim the surface and collect any floating debris or leaves.

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