swimming poolSwimming pool chemicals are essential in maintaining swimming pools, particularly in keeping them clean and sanitized. Specific chemicals are used to prevent the pool water from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and algae. Additionally, chemicals are also used to protect swimming pool equipment from corroding and scaling.

Indeed, there are lots of benefits in using chemicals as part of regular swimming pool maintenance. Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that these are still chemicals that need proper handling. Improper handling and storage can result in injuring the pool owners and members of the household as well as causing harm to the environment. This is why it is also important for pool owners who opt to handle chemicals on their own to learn about effective use of these pool chemicals.

Below is a list of tips for pool owners on how to effectively handle pool chemicals to prevent injuries.

  1. Build a suitable storage area for your chemicals
    The best way to keep children and pets from playing with chemicals is to store them in a suitable storage area. Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools recommends a storage area that has spill containment features. These features will help keep spills and leaks from your chemicals in a single place, preventing them from mixing with other chemicals in the storage area including those that you use for a different purpose.

It also helps if you have a suitable fire suppression equipment in your storage area, preferably near where you place your chemicals. Make sure the equipment is accessible so you can easily reach them in times of an emergency. In addition to this, experts also suggest installing sufficient lighting inside the storage area so you can easily read the labels on the chemicals and prevent mishandling or mixing of the wrong types of chemicals.

  1. Check local codes and rules for storing chemicals at home.
    There may be local building and fire codes that you need to comply with when you decide to store chemicals at home. Make sure you check with your local government to learn about these codes so you can comply with them and avoid any legal disputes. Plus, complying with these codes will ensure that you are storing chemicals properly; thus, you can be sure that you and your family is safe from any injuries related or caused by mishandling of chemicals.
  2. Never remove the labels of the chemicals or place them in a different container.
    It is extremely important that you store the pool chemicals in the containers that they came in. According to many swimming pool experts, it is never a good idea to place the chemicals in another container or to remove their labels. Keep in mind that the label is important as it will tell you everything you need to know about the chemical, including its name, purpose, and expiration date. If you see chemical containers that have no labels, dispose of them properly. If you do not know how to consult with a licensed pool technician. If you notice that the container of your chemicals is damaged or leaking, seek professional assistance from your pool technician.
  3. Buy only chemicals that you need.
    Another great way to prevent injuries from mishandling of pool chemicals is by buying only the chemicals that you need. Keep in mind that these chemicals have an expiration date; thus, it is never a good idea to purchase more than what you need. It is important that you use up all the chemicals that you have in storage before their expiration date. If they reached their expiration dates, you need to dispose of them properly. You can have a pool technician to dispose of the chemicals or you can also bring them to your pool supplier and they will dispose of the chemicals for you.

For more information on the proper handling of pool chemicals, call Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools now.

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