hot tubsTop quality hot tubs are constructed with reliability and durability in mind. However, there are instances when you may see an error message on the control panel of your hot tub. It’s rare but if you encounter this problem with your hot tub’s performance, you need to decide whether to call your local dealer for a service or if you should fix the problem on your own. Knowing what kind of repairs you can manage safely on your own  and the fixes that should be left at the hands of professionals can help you make the right decision.

The primary factor when considering hot tub service and repair will be your safety. However, it’s also closely followed by safeguarding the investment that you have made in your home spa. In case your hot tub remains under warranty, you need to get in touch with your dealer to make sure that a representative can be sent out to take care of the hot but repairs.

Regular Maintenance Is Key For Hot Tubs

The most costliest spa is the one that is not used regularly. Regular use and hot tub maintenance will not only give you all the wonderful benefits of the hot tub but also ensure that your spa is running correctly for as long as you have it. Delayed maintenance or worse, ignoring maintenance could lead to serious and major problems.

The best ways to stop such issues from happening is to keep the filter and the water care system of the hot tub at regular intervals. You can guarantee proper upkeep of your hot tub supplies through your local hot tub dealer, who could help you in setting up a maintenance schedule as well as advise you on the best course of action in case issues arise. Some dealers will even handle the cleanup and maintenance for you.

When do you need to call an expert in hot tubs?

Repeated power losses or shutdowns

Repeated shutdowns can be caused by GFCI shutdowns as well as disconnecting safety switches. If you have to reset power often in order to operate the spa, then you have to call a hot tub technician to find the source of the problem.

The spa stops heating repeatedly.

Hot tub parts include an internal thermostat to make sure that the spa water will remain at an operating temperature that is safe. In case the heater shuts down repeatedly or if the circulation pump runs constantly, it might indicate that the thermostat is not working correctly.

Controls shut down repeatedly or the remote won’t connect.

Control issues that occur repeatedly will need the attention of an expert spa technician. The battery or perhaps another remote control component or control panel might require to be changed.

Water level drops or the water is noticeable around your hot tub.

A water leak, especially the one in the cabinet close to the electrical systems as well as relays, is a major but repairable issue. Disconnect the power and then drain the hot tub according to the instructions listed on the owner’s manual, and then contact a hot tub specialist to repair the leak and check the tub to make sure that no systems have been damaged.


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