hot tubAside from being the primary source of backyard entertainment along with the swimming pool, homeowners and manufacturers have realized another important purpose for Myrtle Beach hot tubs – providing hydrotherapy benefits. Many households, especially those living with seniors and elderly, have found that soaking in the tub for a couple of hours every day provides numerous therapeutic benefits. In fact, they have noticed improvements in their health and physical strength.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a type of treatment that uses water to help relieve pain, cure diseases, and maintain or improve an individual’s overall health and well being. It is believed that water has several properties that give it the ability to heal and maintain health. And when manipulated and controlled to having different temperature and pressure, it becomes an effective treatment to diseases, providing relief to various pains and injuries.

Some of the diseases that have been cured through hydrotherapy include acne, arthritis, colds, headaches, stomach pains, joints, nerves and muscle problems and many more. In addition to these, hydrotherapy is also being used by many to help improve relaxation and relieve stress.

Below are some of the ways that Myrtle Beach hot tubs help to improve people’s health through hydrotherapy.

• Provides stress relief – According to recent statistics, among the leading cause of many health problems in the country is stress. In fact, almost 90% of individuals visiting hospitals and physicians have reported dealing with stress related health problems. When someone is stressed, his overall well being and health depreciates making him vulnerable to lots of diseases and illnesses.

Stress can come from various sources. Most often, however, it is work-related, especially if a person’s job takes up most of his time, in turn leaving him with little time to de-stress, eat healthy and sleep better. If you find yourself in a similar situation, put your hot tub to good use and have a quick soak when you get home from work. Make a habit of dipping in your outdoor tub, relaxing in the warm water and letting it naturally massage your sore muscles to melt the stress away.

• Relieves arthritis – Arthritis is no longer limited to the elderly. A huge portion of the adult population in the US now reports that they are suffering from arthritis. Instead of relying on pain medication to relieve arthritis, experts from The Arthritis Foundation highly recommend soaking in the tub as this is more effective in alleviating arthritis pain. The warmth and buoyancy of the water in the hot tub works effectively in relieving the joint and muscle pain and stiffness.

There are outdoor tubs and spas that are specifically manufactured to provide better treatment for arthritis. These often include jets that have different pressures and water direction to better target your sore muscles and joints. Consult with Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools for recommendations on the most suitable outdoor tub for you and your family’s needs.

• Allows an individual to sleep better – If you are finding it more and more difficult to sleep at night because of working long hours and thinking about all your responsibilities, a nice and peaceful soak in the hot tub before going to bed will help you relax and sleep better at night. In fact, spending a minimum of 20 minutes in hot tubs before going to bed will effectively help you sleep better, deeper and longer.

• Helps relieve various types of pains – Muscle pain, stomach pain, and headaches could render an individual ineffective for long hours, especially if the pain has reached severe levels. And sometimes, pain medications are no longer efficient in removing the pain. What these pills do is to temporarily mask the pain and make it go away. If you want to permanently treat your muscle pain, stomach pain and headaches, you should consider spending more time in your outdoor tub. For best results, bring your friends and family with you when soaking in the tub.

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