hot tubsAlthough portable hot tubs are very versatile and can be placed almost anywhere, it is recommended that they be located near your home’s entrance. This is a good idea for many reasons. One reason being that people don’t want to have to walk across snowy yards to enjoy a hot tub.

The Basics of Hot Tub Installation

However, the question is: How close can a hot tub be to your home? Do you have any rules? Continue reading to learn more about hot tub installation!

Location is everything

There are several benefits to having a home spa. Bathers won’t have to walk to the hot tub on snowy or freezing days. Even in winter, it can be much more enjoyable to walk short distances after dark.

A hot tub located close to your home can be a practical option for your electrical and water supply needs. You probably have a water outlet near your front door, which makes it an ideal spot for your hot tub.

What is too close?

Although you can technically place your hot tub outside your home, it will eventually become too close for your comfort. Consider how much space you need for people to pass through your home without hot tub interference before you choose the location. Consider situations where groceries or large deliveries will need to be brought in. Will there be enough room for them to pass by the hot tub?

Consider it from the perspective of the bathers. If the hot tub is situated next to your main entrance, will it make you feel relaxed? This could be a problem if your family is busy with social activities.

Tips For Placing Near Home

Most hot tub owners prefer to place their spa in their back yard next to their house to ensure privacy and convenience. It is convenient for bathers to access the spa from their backdoor. Your spa should be located a few feet from the backdoor. This will allow for more space and privacy, as well as plenty of room to soak.

A pergola or gazebo can be built to create privacy and seclusion for your hot tub.

Additional Considerations

It is dangerous to have your hot tub next to your wall. The steam from the hot tub can seep into windows, and the steam from the tub could cause slippery walkways.

The ideal combination is a few feet from your home and a few yards from your walkway. The water from garden hoses can quickly fill to the top of the home. When it drains, the water can be directed away to the foundation.

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