Billiards Myrtle Beach SCIt can be fun to learn how to play billiards. There are many things to do and much more to learn. But, here we will discuss some of the essential tools to playing billiards Myrtle Beach SC or pool.

Billiards Myrtle Beach SC Balls

Billiard balls are perhaps the most obvious tool in a game room. Each game has its own set of balls. These differences could be in the ball size, quantity, or design. Carom billiard balls, for example, are larger than other games. These balls have a diameter of 2 7/16 inches, which is more than the regular pool balls that are 2 1/4 inches. The most popular ball in America is pool balls. Snooker comes close with a diameter 2 1/16 inches.

Billiards Tables

You can’t play the game without the balls, but you will also need a table! These are the basic billiards supplies you need. There are many styles and design options available when it comes to choosing a pool table. The rule of thumb is that the table’s length should be double its width. Most people call it felt. It can be woven wool, or a nylon-blend. You can also call it the baize.

The tables in most pubs are used so frequently that the wear and tear will be much faster. These tables are often covered with stronger cloths, which causes the balls to roll a bit slower. In home settings and high-end pools halls, wool or cloth coverings are more efficient as the friction is lower so the balls can roll quicker. On competition tables, 100% worsted wool will be used.


Racks are required for all pool and billiard games. You can make them from any material, including aluminum, plastic, and wood. Before the game begins, the balls are placed in various ways on the rack. The game you are playing will determine the arrangement. These racks are usually in the form of a triangle. However, the same games can have racks that are diamond-shaped.

Cue Sticks

The cue stick is crucial for playing any kind of pool or billiards. The cue is used for striking the balls. It can be one piece of wood tapered into the stick or two pieces with a metal joint or resin in the middle.

Although there aren’t many tools that can be used to play pool, they all play an important part in the game. Call Elko Spas Billiards & Pools today to learn how to add a pool or table to your home, rec room, or office.

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