pool tablesWe’ve dealt with many first-time pool table buyers. Their first question was almost always “What should I search for if you purchase pool tables?” There are thousands of options for pool tables in today’s market. There are many things you need to think about when buying a table. This article will help you to make informed decisions and protect you from any scams or deceptions that you might fall for.

Buying Pool Tables: First Things First

Commercial Styles vs. Furniture Styles

Because they lack cosmetic appeal, commercial style tables are more suitable for serious players. They are often found in tournaments and pool halls. Commercial style tables, such as the Brunswick Gold Crowns, SAM Billiards Tables and Diamonds, are intended for play only and can be found only in homes with professional players.

The furniture style table is more affordable than commercial-style pool tables because they are designed for the homeowner. The furniture style tables are typically 8 feet in length and can be used to accommodate a smaller area. However, some furniture models can still come in a professional 9 foot size.


The Room Size Recommendations page can help you determine the best size pool table for your space. These recommendations are based upon the size of the pool table’s play surface and 60 inches. From the play surface’s edge to the wall, which can accommodate a full length of 57 inches. Pool cue and 3in. If the cue ball is against the rail, stroke length will be 3 in. These recommendations are only guidelines and can be modified by changing the cue length.

We recommend that you have a 13′-2″x16′-10″ room to accommodate a Home 8′ pool table (44″x88″ play surface). A room measuring 13′-2″x16′ could be used to make a Home 8″ pool table.

Common misconception is that Pro 8′ Myrtle Beach pool tables look the same as professional ones. This is incorrect. The Pro 8′ pool tables are half the size of a full-size 9′ pool and 8′ home table.


Slate is a key component of the quality of a pooltable. A pool table with no slate playing surface is great for kids, but it isn’t worth more than $100. A common misconception is that 1pc. A slate pool table is better than a 3-pc. Because there are no seams on slate pool tables, they are more durable than 3-pc. It’s actually the exact opposite.

A standard frame and four legs make up a one-piece slate pool table. Only the legs can be adjusted for leveling. The legs can be adjusted to make the pool table level. A 1-pc. The slate pool table can sag in its middle because of all the weight. There is no way to adjust this so the balls roll towards the center, sometimes making it unplayable.

Seek Pool Tables

There are many styles of three-piece slate pool tables, but the most common is the 3-pc. Each piece is made up of 3 pieces that attach to the frame using 4-7 slate screws each. The installer can adjust each piece by inserting hardwood wedges between slate and frame. This will allow him to accurately level the entire table. After a complete assembly, all three slates will be on one plane and level within.005 inches. Per sq. per sq. The 3-pc. The 3-pc. slate pool table has a higher level of accuracy than the 1-pc. slate pool table has the ability to do this. To ensure smooth play, the seams are sealed with a torch or bee’s wax.

When it comes to slate, the last thing you should consider is its style so it will match the design of your game room. There are three types: 3-pc. There are three types of slate pool tables: unframed slate, framed slate and slate liners (as shown).

Framed Slate

The preferred style is framed slate. Framed slate pool tables will have MDF, plywood or particle board framing attached to the slate using glue, screws, or both. This allows the cloth to be stapled to the table, rather than gluing as would be required for an unframed slate pool. The framing provides enough support for the slate, but still permits for hardwood wedges in between the cabinet/frame and the slate.

Unframed Slate

Although unframed slate is usually 1 inch thick, it is not necessarily a bad design. However, as its name suggests, it is not designed with any framing. While the frame serves as the main support for slate, the felt must be attached to slate using an adhesive. This has some downsides. The adhesive may not be applied correctly depending on who installed it. If glue isn’t applied properly, obstructions can occur beneath the felt that cause the pool balls to roll off.

Slate Liner

Some tables have a slate liner. This is a table that has unframed slate and an MDF frame (or liner) attached to it. The felt can still be attached to the slate using staples, but the MDF liner will eventually sag. This table design offers the least playability of all three types of slate. The liner will sag over time, causing seams to slip and protrude from the play surface.

Finish & Wood

Each manufacturer offers different stain, finish, and wood options for their pool tables and billiards supplies. Although there are many options, you can’t go wrong with solid mahogany and oak designs. These woods aren’t the only ones that are recommended, but they are extremely popular and can resist scratches and gouges. Dark finishes such as Traditional Mahogany are more susceptible to scratches than lighter finishes like Oak and Honey. Formica finishes are the most durable and can be found on commercial-style pool tables. Modern technology allows formica finishes to give you a wood grain look that is almost unbreakable.


Standard billiard felt is used on most pool tables. It is not cheap felt. It is common to believe that standard billiard feel is the same as felt you can find in your local fabric shop. This is false. Many people have tried to upholster their own tables by purchasing fabric. Standard felts won’t do the trick. They are too fragile and can’t withstand the beatings of pool.

They are available in more than 50 colors, and can last for up to 10 years if they are properly cared for. Although professional-grade nylon blend felts such as Simonis and Championship Tour Edition are not as long-lasting, they offer faster play. These felts have a lower nap and are less resistant to the balls than wool-blend felts. However, they are more expensive.

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