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A billiard table is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. The sound of pool balls clanking together, laughing and cheering is the best way to create an atmosphere.

Everybody knows a lot about 8-ball pool. Your youngest child has likely seen the ESPN 6 guys walking around the table with 23 others in the dark room.

Although it is classic and fun, there are many other things you can do with a pool machine. There are many variations of classic 8-ball pool, which you can enjoy with your loved ones in most countries.

Let’s get down to business and discuss the history of pool tables as well as the different types of billiards games that you can play with your whole family.


Billiards can be traced back to the 16th Century. The original origins of billiards were lawn games similar to croquet. Later, they evolved into a tabletop sport with bumpers and cues.

Although billiards was popularized by English nobles, evidence suggests that it was played by all walks of society. Snooker is the English name for pool.

Billiards became very popular due to the industrial revolution. New types of billiards were created as it crossed over to America.

Today, pool tables are common in American households. These tables are a great way to strengthen family bonds and have been shown to improve cognitive function in children and adults.

The cost of billiard tables and pool table supplies has fallen dramatically and they have a greater value than homes without them. Learn more here. For family enjoyment, more and more parents place them in their basements and backyard sheds.

Pop culture has romanticized the game of billiards, especially in movies like “The Hustler” or “The Color of Money”.

Let’s now learn a little bit about pool history. We will then take you through seven of the most popular games for your family.


If you have a table, there are many billiards games that you can play. Some are very popular and are played all over the globe, while others are less well-known but still as much fun.


The most well-known billiards game in America is the 8-ball pool.

This is the one where you break, choose solids or stripes and try to get all your balls down before your opponent. You then need to sink the 8-ball. This is how it got its name.


9-ball is another popular pool game in a game room at home. It doesn’t require more balls; it actually requires less. There are only nine. The object of 9-ball is to get the 9-ball. Get it?

Only balls 1-9 are available for you to rack. They don’t need to be sunk in the same order. However, you must sink the lowest. It’s easy to win the game.

In the 1920s, this kind of pool was a fun game that was played inside American pool halls. It’s now a game that’s competitive, similar to 8-ball and snooker.


Snooker remains the most popular game in England. Although it is a little more complex than 8- or 9-ball pool, and requires a different set if balls, it is still great fun.

The point system is based on the color of your ball. Each red ball is worth one point. There are fifteen of them. Start by sinking one red ball and then another red ball. Continue this process until all red balls have been potted.

After you have thrown all the red balls, the next step is to sink the remaining balls in ascending order based on points. The winner of the frame is the player with the most points.


Cutthroat can be as cruel as it sounds. You should play it in groups of three or five.

Three players can play with the ball. The balls will be divided into three groups. The first person to pot a ball chooses the group they wish to be in. The object of the game, however, is to steal the balls from your opponents.

Although it’s fun, the cutthroat aspect can be a bit…well, cutthroat.


One pocket is simple. To pot balls, each player must use only their designated pockets. It doesn’t matter what type of balls you have, your only goal is to get 8 balls out of each pocket before your opponent.

Only the corner pockets at the bottom of the table can be used. Any balls placed in the other pockets will be set at the end.


Bank pool is a great option for those who are seasoned veterans of billiards.

Bank pool requires that a ball be banked off a minimum of one cushion before it can go inside the pocket. It also must not touch another ball. Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

To count for a point, balls and pockets must be called out. If you foul, the table will owe you a ball. Bank pool is one of the most difficult billiards games.


This is a great one. Baseball billiards is a game that takes the scoring and innings of baseball. The goal of the game is for you to score as many points as possible in nine innings. A turn at the table is an inning. A player can play 9 innings consecutively, and then the next player gets their 9 innings. The player with the highest score wins.

Always call your shot. If you do, you will get the points for the ball you sank. You also get points if you hit other balls in a successful shot. You must be spotted if you are unsuccessful in a shot.

You can use a traditional 15-ball game set, but a 21-ball set should be used.


There are many other types of billiards games. You could even create your own. Many of the games that were created from the other games were invented by pool sharks who wanted to make some extra money.

Research is key to determining which pool table is right for you and your family. There are different sizes that suit different types of play. After you have purchased yours, your child can take their allowance money and win back the money they spent. Call Elko Spas Billiards & Pools now.

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