billiardsIt’s not enough to carry a 1×1 bag with a fiberglass cue. This equipment is often used by recreational players billiards. However, if you are serious about playing pool, you will need to have certain items on you at all times.

One piece of quality chalk. You should always keep at least one cube of quality chalk in your bag, regardless of whether you are Master, Kamui or Triangle. You don’t know the chalk that they have, so it is best to be prepared when you travel from one bar to another.

A low-deflection wood cue. They don’t have to be covered with skulls or decorated with half-naked ladies, but any real pool player will need a cue before playing to their pool tables. A low-deflection shaft is the key to consistent, great play. Nearly all of the best players use them. There are many options available, and they are made by all major cue companies. My personal favorite is the Lucasi Hybrid Slim.

A tip shaper/scuffer. Your tip will begin to miscue after hours of playing. There are many great multi-purpose tools available. My three favorite tools are the Cuetec 3in1 Bowtie tool and the It’s George tip shaper/tapper.

Papers that are not burnished. You can expect your cue to get scratches or falls from regular use. Burnishing papers can be used to remove the roughness and get the cue repaired. You can use the Q Wiz Cleaner/Polisher or Nick’s Edge burnishing paper.

Shaft conditioner. You will notice a difference in your stroke if you play in hot or humid environments. A shaft conditioner is a great option if you don’t like wearing gloves. Cue Silk has saved me many times.

A spare shaft. Remember the low deflection shaft? You can get two if you lose a tip in the middle of the game.

A jump/break cue. Breaking with a different cue is a good idea. If you have a second cue you might be able jump with it. A Lucasi Purex actually splits into three pieces so you can break or jump to your preference.

You will need a quality tip for both your low deflection shafts. There are many tips available, so it might take some time to find the right one for you. I use the Kamui Super Soft Black.

A bridge head. This bridge is so important that I cannot express its importance when it comes to pool supplies. Many bridges found in bars and pool halls are useless for shooting over balls. A London Bridge or a Moosehead would be a good choice.

A cue extension. The Longoni cue extensions are very easy to use. It won’t interfere with my stroke when I’m not able to reach the target. The QXtender is another popular option.

Your new gear should fit into a 2×4 bag. You will then be ready for anything. You are now ready to explore the world of pool.

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