hot tubsIt’s the season to be joyful, and nothing makes us more cheerful than being able to warm up in hot tubs from Elko Spas or Billiards on a cold winter night. We’ve created the ultimate guide to hosting a festive Christmas hot tub party to help you throw the most memorable and unique event possible. Here are the steps.

You must ensure that your hot tub is clean after the hot tub installation.

For Christmas, your hot tub water must sparkle like snow. Before you invite guests over:

  • Check the chemical balance of your water and clean your filters. For testing, bring a small sample of water to Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools.
  • If your hot tub hasn’t been drained in four months or more, drain it and then clean the shell and jets with an all-purpose cleaner and other hot tub supplies recommended by our showroom. Ask your technician for their recommendations on a cleaner and gloss that will clean the surface.
  • Fill your tub with sparkling water, and then add the chemicals and sanitizers.
  • Make your hot tub a winter wonderland with Christmas decorations
  • Decorate your jacuzzi area and surrounding areas to bring Christmas cheer to your guests.
  • Set your hot tub’s LED lighting to red or green inside and add waterproof Christmas lights.
  • Wrap your jacuzzi in a waterproof ribbon and give it the gift of love with waterproof bows.
  • Add winter details to your jacuzzi by placing plastic snowflakes and lights around the trees, as well as location reindeer decor, inflatable snowman, and cardboard candy cane walking cane markers along the path to your hot tub.

Christmas Music & Entertainment: Celebrate Christmas

  • Get in the Christmas spirit by Kindle with some holiday-themed media, including Christmas music and holiday flicks.
  • Turn on your stereo with a deluxe stereo by plugging in your audio source.
  • You can play timeless Christmas movies on your jacuzzi cinema such as Home Alone or A Christmas Carol. Just make sure that the movies are turned off so they don’t interfere with the music.
  • You can make your own jolly, joyful music with a karaoke system that your guests can use when they’re not in your Myrtle Beach hot tub.

Serving Festive Food and Drinks

  • For those who aren’t in the Myrtle Beach hot tubs, offer some finger food that is easy to eat.
  • Serve sweet foods like gingerbread cookies, sweet walking sticks, and green and red Christmas M&M’s.
  • Enjoy tasty snacks like salsa and red tortilla chips, as well as your favorite nuts in a bowl that you can share with your friends.
  • Hot beverages like hot chocolate with marshmallows or peppermint tea will keep your guests warm when they are outside the hot tub.

Your Christmas Hot Tub Party Guest Book

  • It is important to consider how many people you invite for a hot tub party in Myrtle Beach.
  • Place tables and chairs outside the hot tub area to allow people who are unable to fit into the spa’s space for a restful place.
  • For a more intimate party, limit the number of people who are able to fit in your jacuzzi.
  • Remember to remind people to bring towels and slippers, warm bathrobes, and swimsuits. These essentials are likely to be forgotten, so make sure you have more.
  • A hot tub makes it easy to throw a Christmas party. This guide will help you host a Christmas party that brings everyone together in holiday spirit.

Are you not able to have a hot spa? Visit our showroom to view a variety of sizes and options.

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