swimming poolA lot of homeowners are on the hunt for pool supplies that they can use to make their swimming pools more energy efficient and environment friendly. Many would agree that owning a swimming pool entails consuming lots of energy and natural resources. Fortunately, there are things that pool owners can do to reduce the energy and natural resources that they consume in using and maintaining their swimming pools.

Pool experts recommend investing in energy efficient pool supplies in Myrtle Beach to help make swimming pools more environment-friendly. Here are some of the supplies and accessories that pool owners can consider adding to their swimming pools.

1. Solar covers – These are specialized pool covers that have the ability to trap the sun’s heat, using it to raise or maintain the pool water temperature. As a result, pool owners no longer need to use electricity to warm up the pool water. Solar covers or solar blankets consist of sheets of bubble wrap, which not only work effectively in trapping the heat from the sun, the bubble wraps also work to prevent the heat from the pool water to escape, especially during colder days and nights of fall season.

The best thing about using solar covers is that it is easy to install and put away. You do not need to tie or anchor it down cover the swimming pool. It easily stays in place as it is designed to float on top of your swimming pool. When putting it away, all you have to do is fold or roll it and store in your supplies cabinet.

2. Solar heater – Another type of energy efficient pool supplies that allows pool owners to take advantage of the free heat energy from the sun. Instead of using an electric-powered heater to raise the temperature of your pool water, consider using a solar heater instead. It works as effectively as ordinary pool heaters. The only difference is that it uses the sun’s energy to operate.

solar heater has many components that allow it to effectively heat your pool water without the use of electricity. Generally, solar heaters contain solar collectors that often expose to the sun’s heat. Your pool water passes through the solar collectors through the help of a flow control valve. As the water passes through the solar collectors, it gradually warms up. And when it circulates back to your Myrtle Beach swimming pool with the help of a pump, the water is now warm. Another important component of solar heaters are filters which help trap dirt and debris from the water before it enters the solar collectors and before it circulates back to the swimming pool.

3. Filter timer – Investing in a filter timer helps you to effectively control and manage your use of pool filter system. According to swimming pool professionals like those from Elko Spas Billiards & Pools, pool filter systems are one of the elements of a swimming pool that consumes a lot of electricity. And because you are not always there to monitor the number of hours your pool filter operates, it helps if you install a filter timer. This specific tool allows you to automate your pool filter system, making sure that it will only run on the minimum number of hours per day, which is basically 12 hours if the swimming pool is not being used frequently.

Aside from electricity, filter timers also help you save on the use of pool chemicals. Keep in mind that as your pool filter system runs, it also automatically uses up chemicals to help you maintain your pool water chemistry. There are lots of filter timers available in the market today. You can easily choose one that is most suitable for your swimming pool. Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools can assist you in choosing filter timers.

For more information on other pool supplies that you can use to help make your swimming pool become more energy efficient, call Elko Spas, Billiards & Pools now.

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