Myrtle Beach swimming poolThe hot summer months are here and the fall season is just a couple of months away with much cooler evenings and milder days. For most, that means closing up our pool until next summer but why do that when you can continue to enjoy your pool all year round! Here are some ideas about transforming your Myrtle Beach swimming pool into a luxurious experience no matter the time of year.

 How To Keep Your Myrtle Beach Swimming Pool Open All Year

Think about putting in a pool heater. Pool heaters will let you extend your pool enjoyment way past the typical summer months. There are a few great types of pool heaters out there, so let’s talk about a few of them and what you should think about before buying….

  •  Consider what the ideal water temp feels like to you. There are three basic pool heater types. Gas heaters, which keep the water maintained at any temperature you desire. Electric heaters, which will keep the water at 80-90 degrees, Fahrenheit. And lastly, solar heaters will maintain the water in your Myrtle Beach swimming pool at the 80-85 degree range.
  • How big is your pool? Larger pools will require energy ratings that are higher and vice versa for the smaller size pools.
  • Consider the budget you would like to stick to. Just as with anything else, the proper maintenance of a Myrtle Beach swimming pool requires some time and money, and so if you are thinking of installing a pool heater, then you’ll want to carefully consider your budget here as well.  For the most part, the gas heaters tend to cost the most to install and maintain, while the electric or solar models tend to be easier to maintain and less expensive to install.

Consider Putting In A Hot Tub Or Spa. What better way to feel like you’re in the lap of luxury, while adding beauty to your pool area? Everyone loves relaxing in a hot tub and there’s nothing better than a hot tub soak on a cool evening! Spas and hot tubs turn your home into a resort any time you want and can be well worth the money spent. They even have tremendous medical therapeutic benefits for those who suffer with chronic pain.

It will be necessary to have a pool heater installed in your hot tub also, but it’s very cost effective to only heat your hot tub, instead of your whole pool. Just one more reason to take the plunge and spoil yourself with a hot tub or spa!

So, even though summer is gone, it certainly doesn’t mean that your backyard time has to be gone as well. Give Elko a call today and let us show you even more about how to extend your poolside enjoyment. There are lots of options! We’re here to answer your questions about everything from chemicals to heaters, and we’re more than happy to help.

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