Above ground poolA swimming pool is the epitome of a fun and relaxing summer. For some people, an above ground pool is a sign of affluence but for others, it is just one of the best ways to get an exercise, unwind, and be with family and friends.

Whatever your reasons are, installing an above ground pool at home is more appealing and much more affordable compared to in-ground pools. Although it is more cost-effective, you still have to put in significant consideration and planning for the size, location, operation, and maintenance. If you are planning to get one, now is the perfect time to make the necessary preparations for the installation of your above ground pool so that it will be ready for use during the summer season.

Size And Location Of The Above Ground Pool

One of the most important factors that you have to consider is the location of your above ground pool Myrtle Beach. You need to pick the perfect spot. When doing so, do not forget to check your local building codes and determine if the swimming pool has to be installed at a certain distance from roads, property lines, and septic tanks. You also have to choose a spot away from underground roots, pipes, cables, as well as power lines, eaves, and trees. You should also consider how much privacy you wish to have, how simple it is to monitor your children, as well as its safety and appearance.

Above-ground pools also come in different sizes. But don’t forget that the size of your pool will depend on the size of your site. Once you figure out where you want to position your pool, you will be able to determine how big your above ground pool can be.

Site Preparation

Above ground pools also need to be installed on level ground. Therefore, if the site that you want to use is sloped, you have to find a way to make it level. The swimming pool should also be installed in an area that has not been treated by chemicals that are petroleum based. Additionally, it should not be set up on concrete, asphalt, gravel, wood, mulch, or tar paper. Also, it is recommended to treat the area where the pool is going to be built on with a fungicide that is not petroleum based. Doing all these will prevent big and costly swimming pool problems in the future.

Filters and Pumps

You should also install a pump and a filter on your swimming pool. These two important pool components are responsible for keeping the pool water clean and circulated. The capacity and size of these items differ but it needs to be suitable for the pool’s volume. If you are in doubt, you can always go for the bigger pump since it will perform better and more efficiently. In terms of the filtration system, there are three types that you can choose from DE or diatomaceous earth, sand, and cartridge. The best choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

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