pool gameMost of us have tried our hand at a game of pool at one time or other, but did you know there are several types of pool games? We’ll explain them here…

It comes down to personal preference as to which type of pool game you play, but you should be at least mildly familiar with the three most common variations of the game: Nine-Ball, Eight-Ball, and Cut Throat.

Pool Game Variations:


The most common game is the famous Eight-Ball game. Lots of people call it stripes and solids, but watch out for your terminology! If you’re playing with experienced pool players, they’ll be quick to inform you that the correct term is not stripes and solids, but rather, high and low.

Rules may vary according to your skill or experience level, but one consistent thing is that all the balls are racked with the eight-ball in the very center. Once the balls are “broken,” the type of ball to land in a pocket first is the type the player will stick with. (Stripes or solid)

When you miss a ball, it is the other player’s turn. The object of Eight-Ball is to be the first player to sink all your balls, with the eight-ball going in last.


Nine-Ball is a pool game where balls 1-9 are used and they would be racked in the diamond shape in sequential order, making sure the nine ball is in the center. The object is to sink your balls from lowest number to highest, beginning with the one ball. It doesn’t matter ball you sink, as long as the lowest numbered ball still on the table is the first one hit. For instance, if a five ball were the lowest ball still on the table, you could either try to sink it, or use it to hit another ball for a combination shot. BUT, the five ball in this case must be hit first! If you fail to hit the lowest numbered ball first, then it is a foul and play is then passed to the next person. Whoever legally sinks the nine ball is the winner.

Cut Throat

Cut Throat is a fairly common game that requires three people. It’s more fun as a social game, rather than an intense game of skill and strategy. In this game, all players will take 5 balls. 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15. The winner is the last person with a ball still on the table. That means that the goal in this game is to sink all your opponent’s balls! This game can be played with 3 sets of balls that are different colors in order to make it easier to keep up with. If there is a foul, the penalty is to bring one ball back from each of the other players.

These pool game variations can be learned by most anyone, so go find a partner and have some fun trying them out. You might be surprised who wins!

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