pool tableThere are a lot of factors to consider when buying pool tables. You could easily get lost on all the various features and benefits of the different types and brands. Whether you are a first time buyer, upgrading, or replacing your worn out table, you need all the help that you can get in order to have a streamlined process in choosing the most suitable table for you and your needs.

Here are the basic factors you will need to primarily consider when buying a pool table. You can also look into other aspects and features; just be sure to include these most important ones.

  • Table size

There are different sizes available in the market today. The most common ones are 7’, 8’, and 9’. Choose the size depending on where you will place the table, the purpose of the pool table, and your level at playing the sport. Some buyers who will place their table in the office opt for the larger sizes. Those who are beginners in the sport and those buying a table for just for practice,often get the largest available size.

  • Slate

The slate is the play surface under the billiard table. You will need to consider this factor primarily because this is what helps the balls to move freely and without any hindrances. The best and most affordable type of slate, which most buyers choose, is the slatron. Despite this, some people opt not to include a slate when buying pool tables. The primary reason for this is that slates add weight to the pool table. Those buyers who don’t have a fixed place for their billiard tables tend to go for the non-slate types.

  • Cloth

Most billiard tables use nylon cloths as these allow the balls to slide over more easily. Buyers can choose from pure r synthetic nylon. They both have the same features and benefits, so it really doesn’t matter much which one you go for.

  • Rails

There is a wide range of rails to choose from, but most people choose the solid wood range as this shows the best performance especially in keeping the table in shape for a much longer period of time. Other types of rails that you can consider are compressed wood and MDF rails. Keep in mind that when choosing rails, you must opt for the wider ones as these provide you with sufficient space when making a shot.

  • Pockets

To be able to decide on the type of pockets for your billiard table, you need to establish first where you want to place the table. If you are going to place it inside your house, the best option would be the drop pockets. Those who will use the table for commercial purposes go for the pockets with a ball return feature. If you want a more professional look, however, you can opt for the enclosed drop pockets.

  • Installation

Before paying for the table you have chosen, clarify how it will be installed and delivered. Some tables are not installed prior to delivery so you will have to set it up by yourself or hire someone to install it for you. On the other hand, there are sellers who also provide installation and delivery services, although these may be additional costs to your purchase. Do not forget to inquire about these and clarify the added costs so you can include them in your budget.

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