pool tablesA key aspect of maintaining your pool table is learning when to change its cloth cover. Although your billiard tables are made from slate, which is a highly durable material that can last for more than a decade, do not forget that pool table covers wear over time, especially when it is being used frequently. The cloth covers of billiard tables do not last as long as the slate so it would be helpful to know when you need to replace your cloth cover to ensure it won’t cause problems or damage to other parts of the table.

What are the primary causes of damage to your pool table’s cloth covers?

The covers of your billiard tables become worn out after some time of excessive use. When the table is being used often and for longer periods of time, friction from the ball can cause the cloth cover to wear out. Aside from this, the chalk collected from the pool balls serve as an abrasive that tears away the fibers on the cloth cover. Pool balls that often fall or bounce on the table can also cause damage on the cover.

These are, however, natural occurrences when playing pool and using the table. So there really is very little information in preventing or limiting these occurrences, unless you won’t actually use your billiard tables. You can opt to use your billiard tables more carefully, but keep in mind that changing the cloth cover is inevitable. You will have to allocate time and money for this to ensure a longer lifespan for your billiard table.

How to know when it’s time to change your pool tables cloth?

You will know when it’s time to change your cloth covering when you notice signs of fraying and damage on the felt. On the other hand, when these visual signs appear, it usually means you won’t be able to use the billiard table effectively and efficiently.

If you want to be able to change the cloth covering before the damage renders the billiard table useless, you will have to glide your fingers along the surface of the covering. Look for the following signs when sliding along the cloth covering. These indicate that you need to have it replaced as soon as possible.

  • If the cloth covering feels bristly
  • If it’s easy to remove fuzz and lint from the cloth cover
  • If the felt moves or bunches when you put pressure while sliding your hand over it

Other signs that may also indicate replacing your cloth covering include scratches on the table from missed shots and small holes in the cloth. These, however, can be repaired without having to purchase new cloth cover.

Scratches due to missed shots can be cleaned using a pool table cleaner. These cleaners will help you remove the scratch marks, making your billiard table looking new. If you notice small holes on the cloth cover, you can opt to patch them using billiard tables patch kits that are available in most pool shops. If the hole is bigger and would likely to leave a bulging seam after being patched, you might want to consider replacing the entire cloth cover as the seam will prevent continuous play.

Additional tips to care for your cloth covers

Most professionals will recommend keeping your billiard tables covered when not in use and keeping it clean at all times. Also, it helps if people who use the table refrain from frequently making jump shots, trick shots, and other shots that may likely damage and crush the felt. Keep in mind that the felt covering doesn’t always fully recover from these damages.

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