Pool TablePool tables are often placed in a game room that already has carpeting. This often poses a huge problem for many homeowners as the carpet messes up the stable leveling of the floor, which is a major requirement for your billiards table to be used most efficiently. Keep in mind that a pool table needs a stable level flooring to position it properly and ensure the game will not be easily disrupted.

This is why having carpeting in your game room creates different challenges in positioning your pool tables.

One of the primary challenges you will face in positioning the billiard table is caused by the foam padding under the carpet. When carpeting is installed in your flooring, foam padding is first laid out. This prevents the carpet from being affected by moisture and other damage from the subflooring. Other parts of your home have thicker foam padding, such as your basement for maximum protection.

The padding makes it difficult for you to establish a level positioning for your table because this is soft and mushy and may take several weeks before it crushes to its final thickness. By this time, it will be easier for you to achieve a level positioning for your table.

On the other hand, when the padding has crushed to its final thickness, it will go back to it its original shape and form even when you removed the furniture that has crushed it. The dent will remain in the carpet and can be an eyesore when you decide to move the billiard table in another room or when you decide to sell the house without the table. To resolve this, your only option would be to replace your carpeting.

Do not, however, replace your carpeting before positioning the billiard table. This process is complicated as the carpet is stretched to remove wrinkles and bumps when it is first installed. Removing this will require stretching the carpet in all four directions moving away from the table, which is not easily accomplished.

Tips in positioning pool tables on a carpeted room

Here are some tips to help you position your billiard table in a carpeted room.

Avoid damaging carpet fibers and leaving marks across the floor, by placing a tarp or heavy cloth on the carpet before dragging or sliding the billiard table to the exact place where you want to place it.

Use wooden shims to help level the table. Note that you will have to make several adjustments before the table is level.

Place a marble in the center of the table to help confirm whether or not the table is already level. If the marble stays in place, then the table is level. If it rolls to a side of the table, adjust the wooden shims to help level the table.

Regularly test the level of your billiard table using the marble until the carpet padding crushes to its final thickness. Keep in mind that the table’s level will continuously change until then. Regularly testing its level and adjusting the wooden shims will help ensure a quality play every time you use your table.

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