BilliardsThere are different ways a billiards table can be damaged especially if used frequently. It can rip easily, the table felt can wear out over time, and many other problems and issues that are inevitable as you use your pool table. Fortunately, it is easy to fix and repair these problems.

Repairing your billiards table felt

The most common damage your billiards table can obtain is torn felt. Here are the steps to repair torn felt on your pool table.

  • Cut the damaged or torn area using sharp razor blade. Experts suggest cutting in a square shape for easier fitting of the new felt. Carefully remove the damaged felt from the table.
  • Use a 200 grit sand paper to sand, smoother, and polish the area where you removed the damaged felt. Make sure you include the cut edges when sanding.
  • Cut a piece of the new felt to fit the size of the damaged felt you removed. Make sure that when you cut the new piece, it will perfectly fit the area left behind by the damaged felt. It may be difficult to get the same exact size so if you cut a larger piece, trim it very carefully so you won’t waste time, effort, and felt. Professionals suggest cutting a slightly bigger piece as you can cut the excess felt after it has been installed.
  • Use contact cement and fill the space where you will fit the new felt. Polish the cement and ensure it is evenly spread on each corner and sides.
  • Place the new piece on the area and press down steadily.
  • Smooth out the edges and carefully cut any felt that may overlap the original felt. Make sure the joint where new and old felts meet are invisible.
  • Roll a pool ball over the newly installed piece of felt several times to make sure it sticks perfectly to the table. Roll the pool ball over the joints where the new and old felt meet to ensure there are no bumps or lumps that may prevent and/or affect smooth ball running over the table.
  • Let the area dry for 24 hours before using your pool table.

If you do not have the right skills in doing this repair, you can opt to hire a specialist. You will save more money in hiring pool table repair specialists because they have the right skills and tools for the job. Plus, they can come back and redo the repair if you are not satisfied with it.

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